Thursday, March 13, 2008

To go or not to go...

Well this may sound really silly but we do need prayer right now...

We are thinking of taking a vacation beginning Saturday with the boys. We are feeling that we really need to get away for a while. Our original plan was to do something small but being that it is so cold up here we are thinking of going to Florida and taking the kids to Disney. We know it sounds nuts and they are still young but it is supposed to be in the 80's down there as opposed to the 20's up here and we feel like we could use the sunshine and magic of it all! Luke we think will be so excited he may pee his pants! :-)

So here comes the prayer part...we are researching our options and costs. We have a little money set aside that we probably should use to pay things off but are debating. We have a tendancy to do things impulsively and sometimes regret them later so we could really use the prayer that God helps us make a wise decision that will also allow us to have some family fun. We just don't want to be frivolous!

Thanks for indulging my crazy prayer request!


Anonymous said...

Go for the trip! Your boys will love it and so will you. You won't regret it. It will be a memory to last forever.

Anonymous said...

Go to Florida!! Look at, they have decent prices for flights to Orlando. You also can rent a house with a heated pool for around $99/night (4 or 5 bedrooms/2 bathrooms). The time away would be great.

Anonymous said...

First off...sometimes being impulsive can be a good thing! :) Given the situation, I think that Disney is a wonderful idea for all of you. I think that the time away could be very carthartic and healing...I think that it could be best investment yet! And if either one of you are like my husband (who is a financial planner..therefore has a very difficult time parting with money) there may be "buyers remorse," but sometimes you need to say "what the heck." Times like these call for a good getaway, where things are light and less heavy. God bless you all..I will pray for you and I hope you are able to escape to the "Happiest Plcae On Earth." :)

San Diego

melanie said...

Hi Kristy,
I don't know your exact situation, but in our (very similar to yours) situation a few years ago, we felt guilty indulging in anything because people had given us so much money to help with burial and costs. We felt like we would be betraying their intent for money or that we would somehow appear ungracious or frivilous. But...there really is healing in those things that you would not normally do: clothes shopping, toy sprees, vacations, eating out (a lot). I know it sounds silly, but those things really help now and hopefully people will understand that. I say, go for the vacation.
Hope that helps, but I will pray for the exact thing for your family to be made clear to you and your husband.

Story of our Life said...


In all seriousness...

Last night I was reading your blog, then linked to another and another and another.

I came across a family who lost their baby after 56 days. (I believe he had Trisomy 18). He died very suddenly after having been doing SOOO good!!!

Before this little blessing was born they promised their older child they would go to Disney when baby went to Heaven.

And that they did!!! A few days before he passed a way the older boy told mom he didn't want to go to disney world anymore...because that would mean his baby brother (i can't remember baby's name right now) would be in Heaven!!

I think it would be a great way to honor Asher!!! It would give you the strength to renew your sole!!

Last year when we decide dto no longer adopt. To give up on our plans...and that meant the little ones I had been thinking/praying were "ours" in a particular Orphanage in Haiti...were no longer going to be mine...

I said "WE are GOING to Disney World!!" And that we did. It was sad at times because we didn't have our son w/us. Even though it had been a year since we had lost him...I still morned for what his little 13 yr old self would have loved.

Yet...I knew our family was in a better place than it would have been.

So I say...GO!! Rejuivenate (sp?) yourself!!

Prayers are with you!!

Love, Gala

The Haggard Family said...

A get away would be good for you and your family. After my son Maddux died, our family went to Florida. My husband and I were also able to get away by ourselves to Jamaica to reconnect again as a couple. We never thought about affording the trip, we just did it. Make it a priority too, when you get back, that you and your husband spend at least one night, alone away from your home. Just the two of you. I hope you have family or good friends close that would allow you to do this...
Cheryl Haggard

Hilary Marquis said...

Go! You all need time to heal, and enjoy each other someplace "magical". You need to have some special family time. It would'nt be frivolous or foolish to do so. It would be a good way to add some joyful memories in addition to the bittersweet. Thank you for being such a shinning light for the Lord.

Michelle said...

Hi! I have been following your blog for a while now and just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you are to all of us mommies. Your faith in our Maker is amazing and gives me such encouragement! Keep it up!

I live in Jax, FL and my family and I have annual passes to Disney and we go quit often. We have several good tips on tickets and hotels. If you need them feel free to email me:

Yvette said...


First of all, it's neat to read the comment above talking about "the baby who lived 56 days". Yes, that was our precious Tristan and yes, we did go to Disney after he passed away!

Second, in response to your entry - absolutely go to Disney World, don't think twice about it! We promised Tanner back in August that we would go because it's the only thing we could think of that would be "fun and exciting" that he could look forward as we knew there was great uncertainty in the months ahead. I completely understand the financial diliema you are in. Between Trayc not working while Tristan was with us for 56 days and then the funeral expenses we were living pretty tight. However, we earnestly prayed about the financial part and the Lord graciously provided 100% of the money for us to go through several family members and several friends. Even if the money had not be given to us we still would have made a way to go somehow because we just knew we needed to get away from reality for awhile. We needed to spend time as a family laughing and making new memories together and we did just that. It healed us as a family in a huge way. Sure, as you know, the trip will not take the pain away but it does allow you to begin healing as a family, outside of your normal environment. I took a picture of Tristan with us and not one time did I cry or was I sad. I determined in my mind that we were going to have a great week, if anything for Tanner. It was the most incredible week of our lives. So, please go to Disney or somewhere to get away for awhile. You truly deserve it. You have had such incredible strength through the loss of Issac and now Happy.

We live in St. Augustine so we're only an hour and 45 minutes from Orlando so if you need any help please let me know.

I have been praying for you and your family but will now begin praying that the Lord will provide the money to help you financially so you will feel confident that getting away is the right thing for your family.

Love, Yvette Hostetter

Kim ( said...

Do what you need to for you and your boys and your honey! A trip that will bring some happiness is not frivilous...
I will pray that God will give you peace in your decision.
I am continuing to pray for you and your family. For ALL your needs AND wants.
You are always in my thoughts!
with love,

MrsWeed616 said...
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Kenzie Stanfield said...


I think getting away for a few days is a wonderful idea... I remember Yvette telling me they were going and I thought it was great! I know how money can be an issue, so know that I will be praying about that and provision from the Lord for the trip. I know you have to do what is best for y'all... just make the most of whatever you do! : )

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Absolutely go to DisneyWorld! It is a magical place where you will make wonderful family memories. Your boys are perfect ages for soaking in the excitement and magic of the whole experience. My son even became potty-trained at DW - maybe there's magic in giving up diapers at the Magic Kingdom?!

I have followed your story and continue to pray for your family. Your son, Asher (Happy) has touched many lives forever. Do whatever you need to heal as a family and as a couple. Blessings - Lynne B.

Anonymous said...

GO!!! You all need some time to soak up some sunshine. Do it.

Jessica said...

I pray you make the right decision for your family.
Either way i pray you all get to relax, and enjoy each other.

Anonymous said...

Well I hate to be part of a broken record, but...

I started "waiting for Happy" with you several months before he was born and followed the end of your journey. I think it is such a wise decision to go somewhere and get away. And I think Disney is magical - we went in December with our then 3-year old, and we have friends that say their 18-month olds and up loved it. Regardless of where, the impulse to go somewhere special is a good one - my mother always says that you much more often regret the things you don't do in life - much less often the things you do.

And after my friend's father died suddenly of a heart attack three weeks before her wedding, when she was debating rescheduling the wedding, her mother (who was ill with long-term terminal cancer, herself) said something that has stuck in my mind - "anytime you have a chance to follow a sad event with something joyful, you should always do it".

So I (and two others) think you should go!

Christa said...
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asplashofsunshine said...

I wish I had the honor of knowing your sweet family. You should go anywhere, anytime, anyway you and your family feel ready. If that means to take off to Disney World tomorrow, embrace it. If that means to do nothing, embrace it. You truly are a strong family. Embrace each other, love each other, and trust your decisions. I can not wait to hear what your plans are going to be. Keep your head up... it will make you that much closer to little Isaac and precious Asher.

Zac and Jenny said...

GO GO GO! If you wait until you're financially ready... you'll never go.

I hope you enjoy yourself immensely. Give Cinderella a big hug for me :)


Anonymous said...

I say "Go!" We live only about 30 minutes from Disney and would also be willing to help you with arrangements. You can feel free to contact me at

I have followed your story for a while. I love all the pictures of your family and your boys. Luke and Ben are so sweet and the pictures of Asher and Isaac are amazing.

Melissa Dovel said...

So much advice on here:) I will say this I think you should pray and not because of the money situation. I think Disney is a lot of walking and going and doing. JMO!!! I do think a vacation would be great for all of you and Disney may very well be what you all need. My sister who lives in FL they go a ton with two children (7 & 9). The only thing negative I ever here her say is its a ton of exercise:) They always have a blast and im sure it would be great I am just putting it out there so your not blind sided (I hope your not mad and that you took this all with the love I intended it). Also, my sister and her family go at it ALL day long so that could make the difference too. They may even enjoy a weekend at a cool hotel with a pool & room service and all:)

Love & Prayers!

siscaboo said...

I seen that you made your decision and I haven't read any of the responses forgive me if this is a repeat. But, have you considered a hotel with an indoor water park. They might have those in Florida or even closer.

Disney just sounds like a lot of walking and I was just thinking of something that all of you might be able to enjoy together. And an indoor water park, you could just float on the lazy river and watch everyone else jump around. lol
Just thinking of your belly. lol

Whatever you do, have a great time and spend some awesome time with your family.

Marlina said...

I too, was thinking of Tristan's family going to Disneyworld. I say GO FOR IT! I'm so glad they went too! With what all of you have gone through, it's nice to get away and be a little carefree if you can, and enjoy making memories with your family. It doesn't take away from your precious baby's memory, it would make him happy to see you enjoying life! You worry about YOU, and what's right for YOUR FAMILY, NOT what anybody else would say or think or do.
Much love and prayers to you, and have a WONDERFUL time!