Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ben On the Mend

I am happy to report that yesterday's doctors appointment, though tough was good. Ben had his catheter removed and the doctor said he is healing beautifully. I felt horrible for him as we pulled into the parking lot. He recognized the building and immediately yelled "No, Mom, Not the Thomas doctor." (she has a big Thomas the Tank Engine table in the waiting room that he SOOO loved until surgeries and catheters) We rode up the elevator and walked down the long hallway. We entered the office and he began playing with trains while I signed him in.

I sat down and watched him play. He then had one of his bladder spasms that sent him through the roof. He started crying and I just thanked God that the tube would be coming out today as I held him and his blankie. He then went back to playing and a few minutes later a look of panic came over his face. I asked what was wrong and he told me he was "peeing down his leg". I assured him he was not. That his tube was leaking into his diaper and that he was fine. That is until he turned around and I saw a little wet spot on the back of his leg. UGH!

I took him back to an exam room and realized I had not paid close enough attention when I changed him and his tube was in fact leaking down his leg. OOPS. I figured it best then to stay put and wait for the doctor as we had made a clean break from the train without tantrum and I did not want to invite another struggle for the day. The sweet doctor and the Physician's Assistant came in and Ben immediately began to scream. I tried to get him to show them the little animals we had been playing with as we waited. He wanted no part! He knew what was coming. The doctor said "OK Benjamin, let's take that tube out, you will feel SOOO much better" to which he very loudly replied "NO! Please don't take my penis ring!" I about lost it. He had been calling it that since he saw the tube Thursday. It kind of coiled in his diaper and looked a bit like a ring therefore..."his penis ring".

I leaned him back on the table and talked to him while they quickly removed the tube (I must admit I am a little surprised at how long it was...I mean how did it not come out his nose?). He SCREAMED so loud and his face became as red as his hair. The doctor quickly ran to get him a lollipop, she insisted anyone who had had a weekend like Ben's deserved a lollipop, and stickers, and little plastic treasures from her treasure box. He was suddenly better. :-) He then came home to a couple of extra pairs of hospital issue socks, which he has developed an extreme fondness of over the past week. :-) Thanks Claire!

He is still a little sore but he is no longer on pain medication and is close to being back to normal. It is good to have our boy back. The bladder spasms have stopped. We still have the challenge of keeping him subdued enough not to hurt himself, but his pain has decreased tenfold and that in and of itself is a blessing.

Thank you all for your prayers. Now we just have to keep praying that the healing goes well and that this will be his last surgery for this issue.

PS...I am also happy to say that at least for the last day since the tube was removed, he has used the POTTY every time! YAY!


Joanna said...

Wow Kristy! I feel like I am reading my story all over again with Julianna. She was about the same age too AND the hospital slippers made her so happy! How funny! I am glad he is on the mend and almost back to his active self.

Mary said...

I am very glad to hear that even though he didn't like the experience of the tube coming out, things are getting better for the little guy. Sincerely, a daily reader. gagepruitt.blogspot.com

ShEiLa said...

Bladder spasms sound painful.

I did go home from the hospital after my hysterectomy/bladder repair with a catheder... for 5 weeks.

So I sympathize.
When its little kids...
that's a whole different ball game.


mrsrubly said...

o poor baby! i am so happy to read that all is getting better for him!!

jendakerr said...

I seriously cannot stop laughing about the "penis ring"

asplashofsunshine said...

Please tell me that you are going to print out these blogs for the kids. They are such a crack up!

It is wonderful to hear that he is better, and that the potty is in full force. :)

Erika said...

Poor little guy! I am glad that is behind him and he is feeling better.

Christa @ Quintooples said...

So glad he's doing OK. What a traumatic visit. :(

Poor little boy.

I swear nothing gets to a mommy more than holding down their toddler while they scream and cry. :*(

Even if (in my case) it is just for an *almost* painless vaccination (or a strep test!)....at least Ben had a reason!

At least that's over. (((BEN)))

I am glad you checked in, I have been keeping him in my prayers and have been thinking of how he's been handling things.

Amanda said...

I am so glad to hear that he's on the mend and doing well. I was thinking of you this afternoon wondering how you were all doing. I'm so glad you updated!
I'll continue to keep all of you in my prayers. I hope little Ben feels better soon so he can enjoy the warm afternoons we've been having.

Sheryl said...

Glad to hear that is over for all of you! Bless his heart. And yours too.