Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well it has been busy day to say the least! This morning some friends came over and our children all had a great time playing together and making art projects. Fun was had by all!

When Howard got home we had to take Benjamin to an appointment with Dr. Schober our pediatric urologist. Ben had to have surgery to correct a minor defect of his urinary tract in July and there seems to be a slight complication. She checked him out and he is going to need another "small surgery". This small surgery still requires general anesthesia so not so small in my opinion but she is wonderful and I know she will take great care of him. It is always something.

I cannot say enough about this doctor! She is so wonderful with the kids! I asked when we would be scheduling surgery and she said whenever worked for us. I explained to her in "Cliffs Notes" form our situation right now and she was SO compassionate. I feel so blessed by her! She said she would be praying for us (which is also not standard for doctors) and that we need to keep in mind that doctors can be wrong. She went out of her way to schedule the surgery for Ben ASAP since she will be headed to Oxford next month. She teaches there and travels around the world. She is actually a well known expert in the pediatric urology field. We are very blessed to have her in our area. She scheduled Ben for Friday, February 29th. This is tough for me but it has to be done before potty training. So I thought it best to get it out of the way now. I was just overwhelmed by her compassion and faith that shone through. She is SO not your typical doctor! I have met many great doctors but she stands out among them as an incredible human being also! I felt uplifted after talking with her not only as a doctor but also a Mom!

We then headed to Chuck E. Cheese for our annual Valentine's Dinner Date! We had so much fun! The boys enjoyed each and every moment and were wonderful! We all had a great time! It was fun to spend that time as a family watching the boys enjoy themselves so much! Howard and I enjoy the games too!

Now we are all preparing for bed. Everyone had a great day but is thoroughly exhausted so hopefully we will all get a good night's rest. I have begun the crazy pregnancy get up at 5 a.m. because I just can't sleep anymore and the laundry is calling my name :-) I get this way toward the end of each pregnancy. I want everything DONE every day, just in case!

I will be posting a prayer request list this weekend as we have a BIG appointment and sonogram on Monday that will tell us how we will deliver and if there has been any further development. I am just too tired to think about that right now.

God's grace is sufficient!


Kim ( said...

Happy Valentines Day! Thanks for checking on me today. It sounds like you had a great day and it's so good to hear you are hanging in there. I read your other post too about the Dr. using the word hope and it warmed my heart - litterally I felt my heart get warm. Hope is a beautiful thing.
I am praying for your appointment on Monday along with all your other needs.
With love,

Laurie in Ca. said...


I'm so glad to read that you had a great visit with Bens doctor and that she is so compassionate. And I agree with Kim that HOPE is a beautiful thing. I believe we all stand in hope with you for Happy. Prayers continue here for you and especially for your appointment on Monday. Take care and have a wonderful day with your family.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Jenny said...

It sounds like you are surrounded by a great group of people... doctors, family, friends and bloggers. I'm so happy for you.

Best wishes for a good appointment on Monday. -Jenny

Emily said...

I just found you today, via Kim, and wanted to tell you that I am praying for you. My Miller Grace lived five days this past summer, so I know firsthand how miraculous a few days with a little resident of Heaven can be and it makes me smile to know that she must know your sweet Isaac. I am praying for Happy and I find hope in seeing you so joyful and expectant again, trusting God with everything. I am praying for your faith to remain strong and I thank you for letting His line shine so brightly through you and the lives of your sons. :)

Emily said...

Obviously, I meant to thank you for letting his LIGHT shine through you. :) The chocolate cheesecake is putting me to sleep...

Also, I would love to add your boys to the sidebar on my blog, to remind people to pray, if that's okay. :)

mrsrubly said...

i don't have internet access @ home so i wil deff pray for you and your family this weekend. for everything. your blog has really warmed my heart. i found this through Kenzie's blog. i go to the same church as her family does. sounds like you had a great valentine's day. god bless~~~i will be checkin in on Monday for specifics! i admire your strength. Bonny TX

Anonymous said...

What surgery does Ben have to have? Like what will they be doing this time!?