Monday, January 28, 2008

Feet in the ribs...

Well, for the most part Happy has been much gentler on me up until this point than the other boys, but he is making up for lost time. As I mentioned before I work teaching online for Sylvan. Tonight I worked four hours in a row which means sitting down in a chair for four hours straight...this is tough especially when pregnant. So the ENTIRE time I worked tonight Happy braced what I am assuming (and hoping) are his feet into my right ribcage! Every few minutes he just has to stretch out and push up on my is the weirdest yet best feeling ever! Though for four hours it was slightly uncomfortable and annoying...bittersweet I guess....

Today I took the afternoon and cleaned my closet and bedroom that were in desperate need. My closet was overflowing with things "I wish" would fit! So I took care of that today and put a rocking chair that Howard had gotten me for our wedding in the bedroom in a way this is my preparation and hope for bringing Happy home. He will need very little but I LOVE to rock my babies! Ben still needs the rocker in his room so now we have one in ours in hopes that I will get to sit and rock him as well.

Thank you very much to the Hess family for dinner! It was great! Apple Crisp happens to be one of my favorite food groups aside from the ice cream food group and I had a fork into that before you pulled out of the driveway!

Here are some specific things we could use prayer for this week:

A miracle! We are still hoping for the best and knowing God can heal Happy! We pray he does!

A positive experience with our photoshoot...I am nervous yet very excited.

Happy finds his way to get his Head DOWN and that he stays put that way to avoid c section.

Our entire family is able to find peace in knowing that this baby is such a miracle no matter what the outcome.

That God continues to draw near and give us peace at this time of uncertainty...

This weekend at church we finished a series on Habakkuk and Sundays sermon seemed especially appropriate. I feel I have kind of prayed some of the same prayers as Habakkuk did. I have expressed my frustration, showed my appreciation though sometimes it is tough. In the end Habakkuk basically said to God....Ok, I know you are an awesome God. You are so capable of doing the impossible and I know that your plans are good and that in time this will all work out, but man we could really use some of your miracles now!

So, God, I know that you are there! I know your track record, and I know that through you ALL things are possible and that you have an awesome plan and though that plan includes hills and valleys in the end you will do everything with my best interest at heart. But things are seeming really dark and we could really use one of your miracles NOW! I am trying to be patient and I do believe with all of my heart that Awesome things are to come, but I could really use an AWESOME thing now!


Anonymous said...

We continued praying for all of you. When work stuff went crazy for me my Dad told me to look at Habakkuk. There were a couple verses that have help encourage me and one of them is "For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told. (Habakkuk 1:5) I think this is an awesome verse because God has a greater plan than we do. It may not be what we have planned or what we think should happen but in the end it will make so much sense and will be so much better.

Mamma_of _five said...

When is your due date ? I wish you all the best for your family, Thanks for sharing...Tawny:o)

Chelle' said...

Hi there.

I found your blog through Baby Maddox's and wanted you to know that we will add your family to the list of families we pray for daily.

I pray the Lord grants you peace and comfort through this time of uncertainty.

Laurie in Ca. said...

Prayers continuing here for you my friend for all that you have requested. I too, pray for a miracle healing for Happy. I just know that God can do anything and everything, if it is His will. I am hoping with you that Awesome things happen soon. I cracked up reading about the Apple Crisp. It is one of the yummiest of all deserts, in fact it makes a wonderful breakfast, lunch or dinner.Have a wonderful day today and look for awesome things wherever you go.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Hilary said...

Hi, I found your blog, actually not for sure where! But, I believe it all started at CFhusband's blog.
Anyways, I have been reading for just 5 days now, and just wanted you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
I have a son, Isaac, and lost a baby over a year ago. My husband and I have just now decided to try again.
I pray the best for your miracle baby, Happy!

Hilary in MN

The Adoption Of William said...

I am praying for you girl!! God can do anything! I pray for your strength and that God heals sweet Happy. I know God will do great things with his little life.


William's Mom