Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well first let me say thank you all for your prayers, phone calls and kind words. They really mean so much to us. I must say that today didn't go quite as we had hoped, but knowing that we had so many people behind us made the day a lot easier. This was the first time I wasn't shaking and terrified the whole way down to Pittsburgh. I even ate in the car. That may not seem like much but just that I was able to feel that much peace prior to such a big appointment is a miracle in and of itself for me.

It has been a long day, a day of traffic and construction as well as snowy, icy roads. When we arrived in Pittsburgh we were surprisingly greeted by our friends Ginger and Maggie who live not far from the hospital. They just wanted to welcome us and show their support with their smiling faces. It was good. We waited in the waiting room for what seemed like forever! Shortly after 2 we were called back to sono. The woman who did my sonogram was very kind and gentle. She took quite a bit of time and we got quite a look at this little guy. She then called in Dr. Hill and he went over the measurements and showed us that this baby is DEFINITELY a boy, sorry Luke! Dr. Hill spoke with us for a few moments. He explained that the baby's head was still lagging significantly in growth. He got a look at the heart and said that the hole is still there but that the heart looks good and the hole may close it is still early and even if it doesn't it can be taken care of.

We then met with a geneticist, Dr. Hogge, who we do really like. He reviewed everything with us and went over Isaac's pictures and autopsy report. He saw nothing significant in the pictures but he firmly believes that we are definitely dealing with genetic microcephaly here. This means that he is quite certain that this baby has the same issues as Isaac. He does not think that Isaac was affected by infection. He was very patient and he answered all of our questions and said he would be in touch with us. At this point he is trying to pinpoint the gene that we have passed on to these babies that is causing it and he is trying to determine whether survival is possible. He said we will be discussing at length what our wishes are for this little guy and how aggressive we want to be. He thinks that this baby will likely also be breech since microcephalic babies have small heads they don't engage in the pelvis. That may mean another c section if I want to deliver in Erie.

So, in actuality we don't know much more. It is just a wait and see. The baby's brain is measuring 23 -24 weeks and I am 29 weeks pregnant. Isaac's head quit growing between 17 and 20 weeks. To me this means that this baby's head is already bigger but we are not sure what that means. At this point I know that God still may heal our son but if that is not the plan I think now we need to look ahead at what God wants us to do with the time we have this little guy. I regret so much of how I handled Isaac's 6 days on this earth and I want to make the most of whatever time we have with Happy. I am not giving up by any means and I do believe the prayer is working in many ways. God is working in this. I know that for sure. I am going to just try to be still and listen to what He is saying.

I will write more tomorrow. I am so tired. I am going to head to bed. Thank you all for your prayers! We love you!


Anonymous said...

We've never met... I found your blog through a friend. I spent some time today reading the story of sweet little Happy.

I want you to know that I am praying for you here in Nashville.

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and will continue to be with you. We pray everyday that his little brain continues to grow and develop. Every day helps.

Love and prayers,
Ryan, Tiffany, Kylie and Aydan

Laurie in Ca. said...

God Bless you and give you a good nights sleep. You did a wonderful job of keeping it together today and I am thankful for this. God can and does do miracles every day and I am asking Him for one with Happy, however He wills. Praying for his little head and heart tonight to grow and heal, and that he grows strong. Most of all, I am praying for peace that passes all understanding to be a blanket around you and this precious baby in the days and weeks ahead. All things are possible with God. Keep hoping against hope for Happy.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

The Pittsburgh Hites said...

Tonight we're sending our love and support your way. I'm sorry you ended up waiting so long to go back today, we were trying to make that wait a little easier for you.
I'm pleased to know that at least you found the peace you needed to make it through this day.
We continue to pray for Happy, for his future, and know that God is listening to all of us. I hope tonight you get the rest you need.
Maggie and I prayed all afternoon for your safe travel home, i'm glad to know you made it back to the boys safely.
All our love
Ginger, Greg and Maggie

Sharon said...

(((Kristy))) The way you handled the appointment today brings such glory to God! I am continuing to pray for a miracle for Happy and peace and comfort for you and Howard.

Anonymous said...


You are being so strong. I am praying for you, Happy and the rest of your family every day. Love and miss you guys.

Amanda M.

Unknown said...

When you first sent your blog to MOPS emails, I immediately forwarded it to my list of believers. You have so many people praying for you all and especially Happy. Our God is an Awesome God. To have great faith in God is one thing, BUT to have FAITH IN A GREAT GOD is another!! The first time I looked at the sonogram picture you sent, it was obvious I could see God's hands are surrounding little Happy. It truly looks like Hands of the Healer are holding him inside of you. Be strong and at peace....prayers are flooding our Lord for all of you!!
Julie Showalter (MOPS)

Kenzie said...

So very thankful that you were able to meet with encouraging doctors that seemed to be willing to help! Know that we are praying for Happy's healing... either way he is a precious one that the Lord has ordained just for your family!

Love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

We love you guys and you are always in our prayers. God is awesome and so is Happy. We'd love to know if he has such a crazy head of hair like Isaac!!

Love ya!
David Heather & Andrew

Brandy Herigon said...

I have been reading your story for over an hour now. Every single post from the beginning. Thank you for sharing! I am a Registered Nurse, 33 years old and very happily married. And I cant have children. Im so happy to read your story and know that you are thankful for every single second. Right now you have someone praying for you in Jefferson City Missouri. I'm off to read the rest. God bless you all!