Saturday, January 12, 2008

We are officially CRAZY!

I will say that this morning things seem a little better. Last night in desperation for something fun to do Howard and I took our children, yes, BOTH of our children to a 9:40 movie! We went to dinner ran to Target, put Ben's PJ's on him and took Luke to opening night of The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything! It always cracks me up the way people look at us when we do these things...Most children 1 and 4 would have been in bed by 8 but not the Bolte children! I can't even chalk it up to stress. In the summer on a moment's whim we packed up our kids, Ben who was only 10 months old and headed to CreationFest and stayed awake 24 hours because we drove down at 4 am, enjoyed the day and got home around 4am. This is just us! I think it is part of why we love having kids...we still do the fun stuff we used to do and our boys are flexible enough to go with the flow and enjoy!

The movie was a fun break from the norm and Ben slept through it until the end and was super confused when he woke up and saw the Veggie Tales on the big screen. Luke loved it but did get a little scared a few times. We got home around 11:45 and that was when Ben decided he had slept enough so it was kind of a rough night but well worth it! He went back to sleep and we all slept in this morning.

Howard went over the autopsy report with me and we have a lot of questions, but it does state that Isaac died from something called meningoencephalitis which is basically inflammation and infection of the brain. So maybe there is something there that I am also says though that all signs point to viral infection but no virus was able to be isolated. So I guess we will ask about all of that on Tuesday. Please continue to pray for this baby. I continue to pray that the doctors are all wrong and he surprises us all. But I do know no matter what his life was not a mistake and we are so blessed to have him.

Please continue to pray for our family also, I will be teaching in Children's Ministry at the church all weekend again this weekend which means I do not get to attend service again and I do think that has an impact on my week a bit. I get so filled up by the kids and having fun teaching them about God but I need to continue my learning as hopefully I will be able to listen to the sermon online.


Laurie in Ca. said...

I am so glad you had your crazy night out, good for you. And I am glad you have Howard to help balance the load out for you mentally and emotionally. We are grandparents now, but raised our twin boys at the drive-in every Friday night. This is how we kept our dates up. It was great and the boys followed our schedule. I think your flexible family is fantastic. Praying right along side of you for Happy to develop healthy and prove the doctors wrong. Ask every question you need to until you get the answers you can have peace with. God does not make mistakes ever, but people do. Praying for you to continue forward in hope and joy for this baby. Praying that the children teach you something big this Sunday. God really uses them to teach us:)

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Gram said...

oh my, how i love your spirit and the freedom you have given your children to enjoy every fun, spontaneous minute of life! it will for sure create in them a sense of adventure, wonder and excitement as they continue to explore God's world! i too am praying for you as you consider the precious lives of your two special babies. jan

Anonymous said...

The movie sounds like fun to me, not craziness but Bill and I like to do things like that also!! I hope you are all doing well and please know you guys are in our prayers everyday. I can't wait till Happy is born healthy to prove the Doctors wrong because God is so much stronger!! "Our God is an awesome God!!"

Anonymous said...

I am glad that your family got the chance to go out Friday night. Jerry and I took Lindsey and Victoria to see that movie too, but we went to the 1:00 show, since Jerry had to work Friday night. They really enjoyed it because it was the first time either of them had been to the movie theater. There have been a few movies that we have wanted to take Lindsey to see, but we are always nervous about content that is not appropriate for her. Even some G movies throw in that adult humor that we do not feel is appropriate for a 4-year-old to hear. But we figured we were safe with Veggie Tales!

That is good to teach your kids how to be flexible. It is an important characteristic for them later in life. We have always done this with our children and they are so easy going and really go with the flow on things as well. I try to keep them on a routine during the day, as far as meals, bed time, devotions etc. but they know that our plans can change at any time. If we get a call through our church's prayer chain, it is not unusual for us to drop whatever we are doing to go visit someone in the hospital or run to Walmart and then spend the afternoon or evening cooking food to take to someone who just had a baby. They learn to adjust and realize what a blessing we can be to someone else.

I hope that your teaching went well this weekend and understand how you feel about missing the pastor's message. We will continue to pray for your family.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you made a good decision. It is great that you could get out and have fun with your family.

Ashley, Katie, and I prayed for you tonight. They always want to pray for the Bolte baby. We are praying for a miracle.

Are there any other specific requests that you have for this week's doctor's visit?

Sharon said...

First of all, I wanted to let you know that I read your blog often. I am BlessedMom8003 on CafeMom.

I really enjoyed reading about your crazy night with the kids. We are like that too. Katie is not a child who is in bed on a regular schedule either, especially over weekends, and we often take her to the movies too. We are looking forward to seeing the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything some time next week.

Sharon said...

I forgot to mention, I pray for you and Happy daily, and will continue to do so. I am now adding prayers for the Lord to strengthen and encourage you as you wait for test results.