Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ben is doing well!

We did have a nice and quiet fourth of July or as Luke insists, "North of July". :-) We cooked out and roasted marshmallows in the back yard. It was a nice day. We skipped fireworks last night but are going to go tonight after church.

Ben is feeling MUCH better! I think just having that darn catheter out has really made a difference in how he feels. Now our only struggle is getting him to take the antibiotic. He does have a UTI so he needs to take the meds. He spits the medicine out as soon as it touches his tongue. So if any of you have medicine giving advice I would LOVE to hear it! He goes back to the doctor Monday so they can test to make sure the UTI is going away. He is back to his spunky self though...thank you all for your prayers!


Anxious AF said...

Iknow some antibiotics come in tabs that melt quickly in the mouth. Or you could put it in some applesauce or somthing he likes????
Hope you find somthing that works.

The Pittsburgh Hites said...

try a syringe style doser instead of a spoon one...then just squirt it in the side of his mouth by his back molar...that's how i used to have to give Maggie medicine when she was little...his normal reaction to it hitting there will be to swallow. He won't like it, but it gets it down!
Still praying for him!
Love Ging

Anonymous said...

When one of my four kids don't want to take a medicine they deem "yucky", I try giving them a straw and that seems to do the trick. They just suck it right down out of a medicine spoon or cup, either one. Maybe you could give it a try. And, I'm sure it is refrigerated--but just in case, cold does cut the taste some.

Unknown said...

Try mixing it with some Hershey's syrup! My boys always took it that way and the chocolate flavor covers up any other nasty stuff that they don't like! :) Hope that you find something that work!