Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not that kind of news, and prayer requests.

Thanks for your prayers, the basement is going to be fine. Just a minor stream running through which is now drying up. No major deal!

Ok, just to squelch any rumors that are starting, he plans I spoke of that God has for me do not include pregnancy, at least not yet. :-)

I had many things I wanted to share with you tonight, but due to some serious rain I have to tend to a wet basement (yes, again). So if you could just pray for that situation for us right now that would be always tends to cause tension in our home as the guys who did our basement did not do such a great job.

We have Big Ben's birthday party on Sunday here so this is the LAST thing I needed today! Oh well, it is all temporary! But we sure could use your prayers! I love you all and hope you are keeping dry!


Alicia said...

Praying for you....looking forward to what you will be sharing...

Christa said...

UGH!!! It's always something. Our basement is incredibly dry, but we have not had new gutters installed on our sunroom yet. With all this rain some of the floor boards got soggy and my brother in law put his foot through the floor the other day. I was mortified. LOL. Praying for you, and your basement problems. :( That really stinks.