Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy North July

Luke insists that the American flag is the North July flag and therefore Friday was North of July! We have tried and tried to explain to him that the holiday we celebrate is the Fourth of July but he is about as bullheaded as they come. Once he has an idea stuck in his head, there is NO getting it out!
As I said Ben wasn't feeling great on Friday so we just stayed home, cooked out and roasted "smarshsmallows". It was fun but the boys wanted to see fireworks. So, Saturday night we made an attempt to take them to Conneaut Lake. We thought they started at 10 but apparently they started at dusk which is a vague term that means whenever they feel like it. :-) As we drove into town the fireworks had begun and so we could not find a good place to watch them. So we promised we would find another place to go this summer to see fireworks. We found that they were doing them on Lake Erie about ten miles from where we are. So we went last night to those ones. The boys LOVED them! We had so much fun!

Mommy, Luke, and Ben

Watching Fireworks

Best Buds (for the moment)

Smiling with mouthfuls of Swedish Fish


This is what Fireworks do (Luke's rendition)

We call them Pete and repeat...This is Ben's rendition of a firework!


Anonymous said...

I just love little kidism's. Laban calls the statue of liberty the statue of "little pee". LOL!
I still can't believe you've gone through this twice. You've lived what I feared the most. Yet God has given you strength, hasn't he?
I was listening to a radio minister talk about Job today and he was saying that sometimes God builds a hedge of protection around us, sometimes he allows the hedge to be torn down but he, the hedge builder, is still with us.
This quote was given to me by a girl I know. She said "people will tell you that God will never give you more then you can handle. Sometimes He does so that you know that your strength only comes from him." She was left a widow with five children when her husband was killed in a car accident.
Thanks for reading our story. I sometimes still can't believe that this is "my" life. In reality, it isn't. It is HIS!
God's Peace,
Sarah Talo

Lauren said...

Love the picture from behind of the boys...."Brother Love" is what came to mind.

Emily said...

Your boys are SO cute!

Anonymous said...

I love those pictures. Too cute!!!

love claire

Tiffany said...

Kids just crack me up! I love the pictures!

Laura said...

So good to see your face with your boys...think of you so often!

Laurie in Ca. said...

Okay Kristy,

These guys are just the cutest and look so happy. Ben looks like he's feeling great. I love the picture of you with them. Praying for you.

Laurie in Ca.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are great!

The four-year-old girl I babysit has been talking about "wearing skunscreens" when you go "sssswwwwiiiimmmmiiiinnn"... when we try to get her to say "sunscreen" she listens very patiently and then shakes her head and enunciates "It's skunscreens."

So Blessed said...

Precious pictures...
from now on, I'll think of
Independence Day as
the North of July...
so cute!


Lauren said...

haha sounds like you had a great time!

Heart4Adoption said...

Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

HI Kristy,
Loved the pictures of the "North", especially the one of the boys from behind "lovin' each other". It has really stuck in my mind. As I was thinking about it (while in the shower, no less), I had a thought...I bet there's an identical mirror image of that with two little brothers in Heaven, Issac and Asher, holding each other. (Didn't you say that Issac was more of Luke's coloring and Asher was more of Ben's?) I don't know, just a thought, and a sweet one to me at that! Love, MELANIE