Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A little Q and A

So, I have gotten many questions lately and thought I would take a moment tonight and answer some...

Q: What is the song that plays when your blog comes up? And who sings it?

A: The song is Carried to the Table and the group is Leeland. Leeland is one of my very favorite bands at the moment and we have heard that song live twice and it speaks to my heart so well. If you scroll to the very bottom of the blog you will find a playlist where you can change the songs if you like...there is a lot of great music there! I recommend it all! :-)

Q: What on earth is Church in a Bar?

A: Well, Church in a Bar is just that...church, done in a bar. Our super cool friend Andy is a pastor at our church and he started what began as a next generation ministry at a local bar called the Cell Block and it has turned into a full fledged worship service. It is a now considered a multi-site of our church. It is AWESOME. It is simplistic and yet a wonderful worship experience and Andy is a very gifted pastor. This church is ministering to people who would otherwise maybe be too intimidated to walk into a church building. It ministers to a wide array of people and God is really working there. It is super exciting. I have the privilege of helping out with the children's ministry there. It is great! So if you live in the area check out the Cell Block Sunday nights at 7! Dinner is served after the service free of charge and there is children's ministry during the service!

On a side note they are doing a community event in Perry Square this Sunday from 2-6, there will be a dino jump like thing, crafts, games, free food, and a worship band and message! Be there or be square!

Q: What is "small group"? you talk of it often...

A: We attend a wonderful church, but it is a bit on the large side so it is tough to really feel like you are living in community with people so one aspect of church life at our church is getting involved in a small group. These are smaller groups of people who "do life together" sometimes it means doing a Bible study, sometimes a book club, sometimes just hanging out and sharing life. We have been a part of two AMAZING small groups. Our group this year has been SUPER! I don't know how we would have gotten through the year without them. God brought us all together just as I found out I was expecting Asher...I know this was no accident. They have been amazing. We have seven couples who meet in our home every other week and we are currently reading a book called "Searching for God Knows What". We eat dinner together, chat, share life, talk about the book and what God is doing in our lives and we pray together. We also try to support each other through whatever anyone needs. It is a wonderful thing!

Q: What was on the back of the shirts you wore in Atlanta and who made them?

A: They were made by Emily, the girl who masterminded the trip. :-) They were AWESOME! On the front they said "Deeper Still 2008" and on the back they said "Our little ones are dancing with Jesus" and it listed each of their names in the order they appeared on this earth and how long they were here. Then Psalm 139.

Q: What Bible do you use with your kids?

A: We use "The Beginner's Bible" because that is what our church uses in Children's ministry. It is a great book and the kids love it. It is full of pictures and is worded so the kids understand.

Q: Do you intend to continue to grow your family? Will you adopt?

A: We are open to whatever God has in store for us. We hope that includes having more children and we are in prayer about that. We have begun the paperwork for foster care/adoption, but are also still feeling that we may also have more biological children. The idea of having more biological children is not one our families are crazy about, but we will remain in prayer and see what God wills. We are committed to remaining in tune with his prompting and not our own on this one. Children are a gift. Not just some children, ALL children. We know that and will welcome with open arms ALL children God sends, in whatever way he chooses. We have considered adoption but it just doesn't seem to be a financial reality right now.

Well, that is it for now...if anyone has any further questions, let me know...I will be happy to do the best I can to answer! Thank you all for investing in our lives!


Denise said...

Thank you for sharing, I have often wondered those things!

Unknown said...

I just LOVE the t-shirts from your conference! Emily did such a nice job on them! What a beautiful reminder of nine little people who graced this earth and forever changed it! :) It makes me smile!