Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mommies Know Best!

Well I am happy to say that the catheter is OUT! It was a rough go and Ben has been in some pain. It seems I was right and though it is rare, Ben does have a urinary tract infection. Something I tried to convince a nurse of last night but she assured me that was rare and was likely NOT the case. After a urine test today, mommy's suspicion was confirmed! He is on course of antibiotics and has to be seen again on Monday. So please continue to pray for him. He is uncomfortable and has had a few bladder spasms since having the tube removed as he is learning what it feels like to have to pee again after just having it constantly drain for four days.

So to all who hoped to see us tomorrow, for your fourth of July parties, I am sorry to say we will be staying home. Ben needs to rest and we all need a little time to be still. It has been a rough week. Thank you all for your continued prayers! We love you!


Lauren said...

Hope his antibiotics kick in soon and he is feeling like a new little man! And Mommy's always know what is wrong.

The VW's said...

Mommies do know best! Good job momma! This happened with one of our sons, as well, and lasted for 2 weeks, until someone finally listened to me...frustrating! Anyway, I pray that he starts feeling well soon. Poor little guy! Hang in there! God Bless You and your wonderful family!

sumi said...

Yup, mommies always know. I'm praying he will be better in no time. Have a relaxing weekend!

Anxious AF said...

from my hospital experience mommy always knows best!!!!

Alicia said...

So glad he is on the mend are an awesome mommy!!!!


Laurie in Ca. said...

I am so glad his catheter is out!! And UTI's are definitely painful, poor little guy. Praying for him to start feeling much better now that the problem is being taken care of. You are such a good mommy Kristy. Have a restful and wonderful day today.

Laurie in Ca.

Kirsten said...

Still praying for a quick recovery for Ben. Enjoy a relaxing 4th of July with the family. You are an amazing mommy!!

Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristy!
Our prayers are with you guys especially for Ben's recovery. We will miss you today, but completely understand. I would definitly do the same. Happy Fourth of July!
Love, Lannea, Eric & Norah

Chrissy said...

We know what we know what we know. Why won't they just listen to us? Thankful to hear that he is on the road to recovery. I know this week has been rough. I will continue to pray you all thru.