Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Can it be July again already?!

Well, July is always a tough month for me, or at least it has been for the past three years. July marks the month that Isaac was born and six days later died. July marks the month that our lives were forever changed. Our world was rocked and normal became a relative term. In July of 2005 we were so excited for what was to come, we were house shopping and preparing for a new baby. We never could have expected what was to come and still as I sit here I am still in awe that this is MY life.

I feel like since I started this blog when I was pregnant with Asher, my story has pretty much revolved around him. He is a HUGE part of the Bolte Story, but there are many parts. Since it is July I am going to devote a few posts to our sweet Isaac, I haven't shared a whole lot about him and where we were at that time. I am going to run downstairs and find my journal I wrote after having him and share the story of Isaac Bolte.

Having Isaac was a huge turning point in our family. He has taught us so much. I have not looked at my journal since this time last year so bear with me, it could be a bumpy ride!

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Shannon said...


I am so glad you are sharing some about Isaac. It just allows me to get to know you better. I actually enjoy just about anything you share. Each thing just reveals more and makes me feel like I can 'picture' just a little bit more of your life and your family. So keep on sharing. I personally love it!!