Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Divine Appointment....

Check this out!


The Pittsburgh Hites said...

I have tears on my cheeks right now. I just read the blog post, and Kristy I am so happy you went!!
I knew it would be a life changing event,not just for you, but for all of you, and I'm so happy you have these amazing women to share this journey with!
We all can pray and love you, but these women know everything you are going through, they know the pain in your soul, that the rest of can just guess at!
I know that you don't think you are courageous, but Ernest Hemmingway says that "Courage is grace under pressure." And you my friend have more Grace under Pressure than any other woman i've ever met!
Be strong this week, I am praying!
Love, Ginger

Denise said...

I felt the strong need to pray for you today. Please know you are loved in Christ by someone you don't even know.

Anonymous said...

That was absolutely beautiful.