Friday, August 22, 2008

Bittersweet Defined

Celebrating five years with Luke
and 6 months since we held Asher and he then went home.


Emily said...

Big hugs and bigger prayers, sweet sister.

Anxious AF said...

Happy birthday Luke, 5 is a great age.
Thinking of you Christy. Always.

Anxious AF said...


Denise said...

What a beautiful picture. I'm praying for you as you sort through the range of emotions you must be feeling.

Michelle said...

Oh, what a beautiful picture! I wish we had gotten one like that with our precious Benjamin. I hope that you and your family feel Asher with you on this special day.

Hilary said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you today as you celebrate the life of Luke and Asher.

In Christ,

Lauren said...

This is an adorable picture! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Kenzie said...


I have been out of town this weekend with virtually no cell service. KNow that I have been thinking about you and praying for you this weekend, especially this weekend. I love you sweet friend!

Kirsten said...


Hugs and love to you friend. You are in my prayers. You are incredible and I'm honored that you share your story, your boys and your heart with us. You are a blessing to so many. God bless you all today.