Sunday, August 31, 2008

Join Me in Prayer!

If I have learned anything in the past few years it is that NO ONE is exempt from suffering. It comes to all of us just in different forms. I have also learned that though you survive something that may seem unthinkable once, you are not exempt from it happening again.

It is with that thought in mind that I ask you ALL to join me today and in the coming days in prayer for those who live in the path of Hurricane Gustav. This area has already had it's share of suffering and they are again fleeing their homes and all they know in hopes of staying safe. I cannot imagine what this would be like and my heart is heavy for all who are facing this evacuation.

Heavenly Father,

You are the one and only Lord over the universe. You oversee the country in which we live and we are in awe of your power and thank you for your protection and for providing everything we need.

We pray Lord, that you will calm the winds of Hurricane Gustav and Tropical Storm Hanna please deliver us from this impending destruction. We are so unworthy of your protection and love and yet we know you will provide.

Calm the hearts of those projected to be affected by these storms and give them peace. We love you and know this is all in your hands. We thank you for holding ALL of us in the palm of your hand and praise you for the awesome God you are! You tell the winds where to blow and where the ocean can meet the land. We pray today for your mercy and grace to fall upon this nation and ask that you move many hearts toward you as you are the light of the world!

In Your Sweet Name We Pray!


Please pray this prayer and pray, knowing God WILL answer!


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Kirsten said...

Amen and amen!!

Thank you for sharing your prayers with us so we can bombard the gates of heaven together.

Thank you for your comforting words about my recent post. You are a blessing and the support means so much to me. Thank you!

You are in my prayers.


The VW's said...

Thanks for the reminder to pray for this! Sometimes I get so caught up in praying for certain people or things that I forget to add to my list. Then other times I get so overwhelmed with praying for so many that I feel like I can't even pray with my whole heart or even pray at all, but I know how important it is! God is listening and He will answer ALL of our prayers! God Bless You!

ditarae said...

Amen! I was blessed to be able to go to Waveland, MS 8 weeks post-Katrina. That small town was Ground Zero for that storm. Having seen first hand what happened there, my heart goes out to the people watching and waiting for Gustav. I'm praying with you, for THEM. Pray for Pandy and Chris--I got to know them and helped gut their house following Katrina's wrath...I have not heard from Pandy in recent days, and assume that they may have evacuated. Yes, definitely praying with you, Kristy! Danita

Gabbin' with Giff said...

Thank you for praying! My husband's family is heading this way right now. And his brother is staying behind through the storm for his job. They just got all of their homes put back together again and now this happens. I pray that the storm passes and leaves everything untouched! My heart breaks for them to leave and not know what they will come home to. If you could, pray for my pateince with them as they stay with us. :)

Chelle said...

We are praying and watching this storm very closely. Although I am in TN, my home is the Mississippi gulf coast and ALL of my family are there, weathering this storm. Thanks for remembering that there are people whose lives will not be the same this time tomorrow.
Much love~

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Unknown said...

Amen! Beautiful prayer Kristi!

God is good all of the time!

Blessings and love,

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I just wanted to thank you for the link to the Preschool article....I found it very, very interesting. Thanks for taking the time to post that!


Denise said...

Praise God for His mercy!

Kim ( said...

Amen. Thinking of you tonight Kristy. I love you girl. Still praying....