Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Day at Panama Rocks

Howard is the adventurous type. Anyone who knows us, knows we kind of do things on the fly. When we try to plan, things ALWAYS come up. So when the moment strikes we go with it. Saturday he had the brilliant idea to head up to Panama Rocks. It is about 45 minutes from where we live so we figured it would be a perfect day trip.

It was. It is just that I am not so much the outdoorsy type. I prefer shopping malls, zoos, restaurants, amusement parks, and any place where the path is clearly laid out in front of me void of creepy crawlies and dirt. I had no clue what Panama Rocks was, but knew that Howard knows me and if he thought it would be fun it probably would.

HA! Basically we went hiking. When I say hiking, I don't mean we went for a walk in the woods, I mean we climbed rocks, scaled enormous hills and crept through caves and crevices that I never thought my post four baby body would allow. It was certainly an adventure. Luke deemed it the best day of his life, he said we were explorers! We left filthy, sweaty and tired. It was a fun day.

As we stood in the woods amongst the incredible scenery formed by these gigantic rocks I wondered how on earth after seeing sights like this, people could even doubt that there is a God. He was so evident in every moss covered rock, tree and hill. The beauty of it all was breathtaking, we left talking about what a creative God we serve and how good he is to give us such marvelous things.

Big guy, little feet?

Check out the mountain man!

My boys

Howard, Ben, Heather, and Andrew at the bottom of the rocks

Heather (my sister in-law) and her boy Andrew, Howard, Luke, and Ben


Stacy@hiswaynotmine said...

A true day for boys!!! I think you have a lot more of these days in your future. :) Looks like a lot of fun...but I also know what you mean...not quite a fun day of shopping or a thrilling day at an amusement park. Hiking...being outdoors in nature...it is what my boys like best and over the years, I, too, have learned to love the thrill of scaling BIG rocks. :)


Laura said...

Looks like so much fun! Always feels so good to sweat a bit...a shower for your insides. Come to Colorado and we will do some great hiking!

Anonymous said...

As I was looking at your pictures it brought back so many happy memories that I have growing up. My family had a camp in Semthport, PA and we would sometimes stop at the rocks either on the ride to Camp or back. My family never had the money to go on big trips for vacations. That was ok. We had some great times going to "The Rocks" and other spots like there. Did you go to the Kinzua Bridge or the Kinzua Dam? I still have a postcard of the bridge before it was blown over. These are the memories that you, Howard , and the boys will remember. Hang in there. AmyK., Fairview, PA