Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Luke!

FIVE years ago on the afternoon of August 20, 2003 Lucas Robert Bolte was born. He is so much more than we ever could have dreamed of!

He was five weeks early and yet perfectly healthy at 5 lb 3 oz and never spent a moment in the NICU. We were terrified. Little did we know that was the easiest pregnancy and birth I would ever experience.

(I am trying to scan some of his baby photos as we did not have digital then.)


Yvette said...

Happy Birthday Luke!!!! I hope you had a very special day. Maybe one day you can meet face-to-face with Tanner and Tayden just like I got to meet your mommy face-to-face in June.

The Hostetter family

Anonymous said...

What a precious little boy, his smiling eyes show just how sweet he is! Happy Birthday, Luke! Mom, I did not go digital until boy #4, I know what that scanning is like!!

Just Me said...

Happy Birthday Luke! I hope you had a FANTASTIC day!


Our Two Blessings From Above said...

Happy Birthday Luke!
My prayers are with your family.

Joanna said...

What a doll!!!

Corie said...

Happy Birthday Luke! My Luke is turning 7 tomorrow--August 21st! Hard to see them grow up, but I know we have no choice. Yet it is also a blessing to see them see another year. I guess just more of the bittersweetness that comes with life now. Hoping you had a great day!

The Pittsburgh Hites said...

We sang happy birthday to luke today in the car, Maggie is soo bummed not to make Friday. She wanted to call him today, but we ran errands ALL day!! I hope you all had a WONDERFUL day together today!!
FIVE, can you believe it???
We love you all!!
-your crazy pittsburgh friends!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Luke! What a cutie he is!
Love, Lannea

mrsrubly said...

happy birthday Luke!

Rachel said...

So glad God has blessed you with your amazing son Luke. I think understanding of the blessing and preciousness of children comes to a different light for those of us that have struggled to have or have lost children. May you continue to be amazed by the precious gifts God has given you to hold here on earth.

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Hope this helps
Rachel in PA

So Blessed said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Luke!
You are a special boy and a precious gift from God!