Monday, June 23, 2008

More Beach FUN! this two four year olds or an old married couple...for most of the trip we could not tell! :-)
Brothers...Ben would follow Luke anywhere (which Luke does NOT always appreciate)

Me...and my shadow...

Ben LOVED the aquarium

The Bolte Boys at the town boat butt...

If you look closely you will see a plastic crab in Ben's hand. Each of the boys go one as their souvenir and they are BOTH sleeping with them as I type...they have not let go of them in days! Who knew!?


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristy,
I am glad you guys had a blast at the beach. I love all the fun pics..we have been thinking and praying for you! You have such a beautiful family! Kylie and Luke such an adorable old married couple!
Love ya, Lannea

Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures. The picture of Ben walking in the sand with his shadow, is a beautiful picture with foot prints!
God bless you.

Tamara said...

looks like such fun! I am glad that your trip went well! Thinking of you!

Laura said...

Loved getting caught up! It's so hard to be filling so high and then crash just as low. You are amazing Kristy...wish I could give you a big hug and just sit. Praying for you this morning.

Love you!

Gram said...

is the artist singing on your site rita springer? it sounds like her rich, lush voice! i am praying for you and including your boys - all four of them!

Kim ( said...

Looks like you have yourselves a successful vacation. I am glad it was fun..I can't wait to see you.
I was thinking about you a lot this past weekend - 4 months...I am so sorry Kristy.
Love you friend,