Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Please pray...

Well, I wasn't going to mention this but I really could use the extra prayers. I have an opportunity at the end of the month to get together with several of the other girls who have blogs linked at the side of this blog. I have been debating about what to do for a few weeks and I am really feeling led to go.

I cannot imagine how good it would be for my heart to connect with such an amazing group of women who have all walked similar paths. People who get it on a level that many cannot. Many of these women have been so encouraging and have truly helped to carry me along this journey and I desperately long to see them face to face and hug them and talk about EVERYTHING under the sun!

The trouble is that we already have a family vacation planned for the 14-21 of June. We are headed to the Jersey Shore and we are SOOO looking forward to it. This trip with the girls would be the 27-29th. Ben has surgery on the 30th as I had mentioned in a previous post. So timewise it will be a little crazy but it would work. Howard is a teacher so he is home in the summer so childcare won't be an issue and he supports me doing whatever I feel is right.

We are working super hard to whittle our way out of debt, we have gotten help from some amazing friends and for the first time I am starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel...it is a long tunnel but I can almost see it, and being that we are already taking a vacation I am slightly worried about finances. We can probably make it work though. I just want to make a wise decision. One based on what God wants of me and not necessarily what I want. I know if he wills it it will happen. My mind is just a whirlwind right now.

So many of you have been so faithful in prayer for our family and have continually lifted us up each and every day. I am asking that you pray about this on my behalf. I know that God always provides a way when it is His way. So either way I want what God wants for me. I am just searching for what that is.


Anonymous said...

Oh Kristy,
It's just my humble opinion, but I think you should go. I know you may think it seems excessive, but you've been through so much. It seems that God is providing these oportunities for healing, and he will certainly provide every penny needed also. (I know, it may be easier to say than believe.) MELANIE

Yvette said...

Sweet friend I have been praying about this and will continue to. I REALLY hope you can join us, I believe it is going to be an incredible time of sharing, laughter and tears. I am literally counting the days to see the faces of my precious Internet friends who have faithfully walked this road with me even in the midst of their own grief.

But, I also realize the diliemia you are in. We spent 6 long years to get out of debt - we have been debt-free for 1 year and I can tell you that it is sooo worth the sacrifice. We are living on 1 income and we are cash-only. Don't give up, there is complete freedom at the end of the tunnel, I promise.

I hope we get to meet!

I love you, Yvette

Tiffany said...

I will pray for you sweetie! I think it would be an awesome opportunity for you! By the way I love the pictures that you put up, your boys are very handsome!

sumi said...

Dear Kristy

This is my experience when it comes to hearing from God in situations like these: I often find that there is an initial inner witness about what God wants me to do.

Often though, I tend to get my mind all involved in weighing up all the pros and cons to such an extent that I get muddled about everything. I tend to clutter up what I heard from God with my own 'what ifs.' I would go back to that first witness from the Lord if I were you. Perhaps I am being way too presumptuous, and if I am, forgive me, but I think that deep down you know what to do already. :-)

Whatever he has planned for you, he will take care of all the details. He is faithful that way.

Anonymous said...

Kristy, I will pray for you and that you are guided in the direction of what is the right thing and not the want thing. But, I really think you should go. I think that these women would be so happy to meet you. As you said they have carried you, I am sure you have carried them. Again, I will pray for you.

love claire

Becky said...

Kristy - I do not share the common thread that you share with these particular ladies, but I do know how refreshing it is for me to be with others who share my same occupation, or hobby, or faith. Please do not be offended because obviously none of those in any way touch your commonality, just wanted to encourage you that times we spend with those with whom we have something very precious in common is so blessed. I think especially as mom's, we do often have so many reasons why we worry about making it work!

The VW's said...

I'll pray about this on your behalf. But, I say go!, if there is any way at all possible! I think it would be so good for you and all the girls! I hope this works out for you!

Corie said...

I will be praying, but I know that you will definitly benefit from this "reunion". There is something about connecting with others who have walked this path.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same as the others who have written, You have been, and can continue to be, there for each other in a way that no one else can. You are needed by the other mothers as much as you need them.

My prayers are also with you, but I truly feel that the answer is for you to go.

Love, Lisa

Anonymous said...

I really feel that you should go. It will really benefit you mentally. It helps to be around others who have experienced a similar loss. Sometimes you have sacrifice in other ways to allow yourself to heal. Please GO, your family and you will definately benefit.

Chrissy said...

You know my thoughts on this one...as we spoke about it for over 2 hours last night! I love talking w/ you. I feel that the bond we share (even if it is just thru a few phone calls and several emails) is much greater than I would have ever imagined. I am praying for this to work out...in every way possible! Even for the fear of flying! But if we are to drive than road trip it is! I love you! And couldn't image this reunion w/out you! Thank you for the links to the Jersey Shore! We may just see you there as well!

Michelle said...

I am simply in awe of the women I have been reading about and praying for, who have lost a child. Some part of every moms heart stops, to think of what we would do, if we were in those shoes. My heart goes out to you and I pray for so many of you brave women. How awesome is our God to make it possible for you each to lean on each other, knowing how the other feels each minute of the day, living without all of your children. I think so highly of each of you and I will be praying for you!!! Love, Michelle

Laura said...

Oh I so want you to be able to go....Corie and I were just talking how great it would be to be able to get together with all of these amazing mamas we have "met" over the past few months. I will be praying that all the pieces fall into place.

Tamara said...

Kristy, I will be praying for this wonderful gathering! What a blessing it will be.... worth every penny!

Psalm 143:8 Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, O Lord, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.

JennyWho said...


I too will be praying for you about this, but I truly think you should GO ON THE WEEKEND!!!!!
What a wonderful opportunity, not only for healing, but to spend time with other moms who just "get it", who can cry and laugh with you without any explanation. My younger daughter has a rare genetic syndrome, and when I am able to spend time with other moms whose child has the same thing, the healing and encouragement are absolutely priceless. YOU GO, GIRL!!

Much love and many hugs,
J. in OH

Kenzie said...


We would absolutely LOVE to have you join us if it's possible. I know it's something you weren't planning for, but I also know that it will be a wonderful time!

Praying for you! Love,