Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Surrey with the fringe on top...

So today Howard wanted to spend a fun family we decided to picnic at Presque Isle and then rent a Surrey. It was a lot of fun, but also a lot more work than we had bargained for. Let me just tell you that we trucked TEN, yes TEN miles on the thing and can barely walk tonight! :-) The boys had a blast though and everyone we saw along the way got a good chuckle at the two out of shape adults trying to make this Yellow Beast go!

At Perry Monument

Having FUN!

But I must say that no Bolte Family Outing is complete without a detour we never anticipated and today was no different! We actually (literally) ran into our friends Jen and Andy on our trip and they asked if we wanted to go for ice cream afterward at Sara's (the best place in town) and we figured we deserved it after biking ten miles so while we were enjoying a good orange-vanilla twist, Howard noticed something on Luke's neck.

Poor Luke! It was a tick! Around here deer ticks are scary because they are known to cause Lyme Disease. So panic set in and we ran him to the ranger station where they sent us to Priority care. It was easily removed and they did put him on a precautionary course of antibiotics for the next ten days. But that took an additional two and a half hours out of our day! Luke is doing well and even scored a new Speed Racer car because we felt bad!

All in all it was a great day, minus the tick!

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