Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another tough day...

Today is proving to be another really hard day. This morning I had to take the boys to the doctor for routine immunizations we had missed due to being in the hospital with Asher and the aftermath that came with all of that. I have been putting it off because just going in to the doctor's office which is in the same building as my OB and across from the hospital brings back a lot of crazy feelings.

So, silly me, took both boys by myself to the doctor. Luke began screaming the moment we were in view of the building and we ended up waiting in the exam room forever for the nurse to come with the shots. The anticipation was horrible for Luke. He just sat there screaming the WHOLE time. Then the nurse came in and gave Ben his shots. He got three of them. He barely noticed the first one but after that he had to be physically restrained to get the other ones.

Luke of course freaked out at the beginning and had really lost it at this point so here I am trying to hold Ben down calm Luke down and calm Ben down. Then the nurse hadn't gotten Luke's shot yet so she had to leave again to get it. Ten more minutes of anticipation and screaming from both boys. Now it was Luke's turn and Ben was still screaming from his shots so I am trying to hold Ben and comfort him but then Luke becomes a flight risk. :-) Running around with his arms pulled into his sleeves so that no one can get to his arms. I had to physically run him down and restrain him long enough for the nurse to get the shot in his arm. Then he was astounded that it didn't even hurt! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

We went to McDonald's for lunch and that seemed to make things a bit better, but shortly after getting home the soreness in Ben's arm set in. He got a tetanus today and his poor little arm is so sore he screams whenever he moves it. So I have been holding him all afternoon. Which in some ways has been very nice, I just wish he wasn't in so much pain. We have never had a reaction like this before. I gave him some Motrin and am hoping the pain subsides so he can sleep tonight.

Now I am getting ready to go to a funeral. I had mentioned before that my dad's friend had died last week and today is the memorial service. I am not completely sure I am ready to do this but we will see. I am exhausted and an emotional wreck right now. I feel like I need to be there especially for my dad so please pray for me and for our family this evening. Please also pray for Ben's little arm. Hopefully the soreness will subside by tomorrow.


Kirsten said...


I'm so sorry it was another tough day. Just going near the hospital was a big deal! You did an amazing job. Sometimes I am jealous of the mom's who have healthy children because I long for that so much. Yet, you have a ton of other things to deal with as you move through your grief. It is so hard. My heart goes out to you.

I hope that the rest of the week is filled with good days. Thanks for the comments on my blog. You are a blessing!

You are in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

Big day! Quinn doesn't get any more shots until the first part of August, but I'm thinking that there will be quite a few when we go then... it's not fun at all. At my office the nurse wants the doctor to do it and the doctor wants the nurse to do it so they sort of argue about "not wanting to hurt the baby" and I end up laying across Quinn with my hands on either side of his face, trying to calm him down.

I just want to scream at them because I'm the one he sees and the one who takes him home (and bumps his legs getting him in and out of the carseat and moving him around to take care of him...).

That was a super-long, very involved story that leads up to: I will be praying for all of you, but especially that the soreness isn't a problem all night!

sumi said...

I'm sorry you are having one of those days. (((HUGS))) and prayers.

Sheryl said...

I know there was not meant to be anything humorous about this post, but I have to take my 15 year old next week for immunizations. He is going on a mission trip. He is terrified and that boy is scared of nothing. I am picturing him running the halls with his arms in his sleeves. Oh my!!

I'll be praying for your entire family - you still amaze me.


Lisa said...

I am sorry I smiled at the image of Luke running around with his arms in his sleeves. You poor thing! I don't know how you made it through that experience sane! And so close to the hospital to add to the chaos.

I am praying. You are a blessing to your dad, fighting such tough emotions to be there for him.

Love you,

JennyWho said...

Kristy, you truly are what I would call a "SuperMom", especially on days like today!

I am always "checking on you" through your blog, and will be praying for you tonight especially.

Many hugs,

J. in OH

Unknown said...

Shots are always a challenge for us! I took Nathan and Luke for shots just before Hallie was born. Nathan thrashed so hard that the girl went and got another nurse to restrain him so that he wouldn't kick my very pregnant belly anymore. Boys are rough!!! Praying that Ben's soreness goes away quickly. Tetanus shots DO hurt....even as an adult! Shawn complained about his arm as well when he recently got one!

Praying for you tonight. I know the service had to be very difficult for your dad (and for you!) Sorry that it was such a rough day for you! Sending big hugs your way tonight!

Val :)

Corie said...

I'm so sorry for a hard day. I will be praying for you as you go to a servuce. It is all so fresh. Going to my grandfathers was hard but I had to remind myself that it is ok to feel the pain. To remember all that we have been through. That I only need to honor God and my emotions honor Him. God was grieved by the death of his Son. Be gentle with yourself. Praying for your boys.

Kim ( said...

Sweet Kristy,
I how familiar this scene sounds....Calgon...have you been discontinued??!!
I am sorry for the tough day, I am sorry you have to go to a funeral, I am sorry for your Dad.
I will keep on praying for you and your family, especially your Dad. Thank you for staying faithful and sharing yourself with all of us. You are a blessing...
With love,

Devin said...

Praying Kristy....

Hang in there, girl. It WILL get better.

Anonymous said...

You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
Karen Malick

Laura said...

Praying now....hope you are sleeping with sweet dreams.

Elena said...

This post made me giggle. Only because I've been there before. The things we mothers endure, eh? Hope you were able to laugh about it afterwards. I am sure it was no fun while it was happening. Best of luck at the funeral. I hope peace was in your heart and you were able to celebrate that man's life.