Sunday, May 11, 2008

I know this is blog overload, but...

I still need to share the rest of my Mother's day.

So after thinking about my mom, reading my devotional and praying I layed back down for a bit. Curious of what Howard and the boys had in store for me. Just then the phone rang. It was our friend Julie who was wanting to come and put a flashing red light on her Jeep and make a Starbucks run for me knowing it was a tough day for me. I told her it was unnecessary but she arrived a bit later frappuccino in hand. (Truth be known frappuccinos do brighten a day even if it is just the caffeine and sugar rush) She stopped and she hugged me, we chatted for a few moments and then she went to be with her own amazing kids this mother's day.

Back track to when I was allowed out of my room. Both boys were hiding under a lightning McQueen sleeping bag on the living room floor and jumped out and said "SURPRISE!" They were delighted to see me and I was so delighted to see their smiling faces. They then proceeded to surprise me with gifts. I will post pictures later. They handed me a stack of bright pink gifts as Luke believes ALL girls LOVE pink. On top was a pack of Dove dark chocolate promises (which on a tough day will substitute for Starbucks if Starbucks is out of reach.) and Grapefruit tic tacs. (when I was pregnant with the boys I craved fruity tic tacs.) I opened the first gift as Howard watched my face for approval. I am a tough person to buy for or so he says. But, it was perfect. It was a digital picture frame. He wanted to get it so we could have Asher and Isaac's pictures running all the time. PERFECT! Then the next present was a photoframe I had picked out that has the words Faith, Hope, Love, and Family and four little openings for the boys' pictures.

The third gift literally took my breath away. It is the one I will be certain to post pictures of. It is also a picture frame. There are eight openings. In four of the openings he wrote the word LOVE using flowers he had pressed from our yard. A bleeding heart plant, a tulip (my favorite flower until the dandelion), leaves and blossoms off of a tree we planted on our first anniversary and of course dandelions.

In the other four holes are pictures of each of our boys with this verse written under each picture...Love is patient, kind, always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres, but if I have not love, I am nothing.

Yes, he pressed the flowers and created the whole thing himself. I could not have a more amazing husband!

The rest of the day was much like any other. We had pizza, the power went out and we visited family and went to church in a bar. (again a story for another day but yes, it is church and it is in a bar.)

Now Luke is sleeping over at my grandma's and Ben and Howard are soundly sleeping. As I reflect over this day my heart is overflowing with how much I have to be thankful for so I will make a quick list of a few of those things.

I am thankful for:

Friends who just stop by and take my kids because they want to give me a little time to myself but also because they love my kids...

Friends who call to say they care even when they don't know what to say...

Friends who run Starbucks to my house and then run over my son's yellow chair in the driveway because they are on a mission and wish they had a flashing light on top of their Jeep :-)

Friends who have sent the most amazing and encouraging notes and special gifts of love.

A husband who utterly amazes me on a daily basis. Who makes me want to be a better wife and mother because he himself reflects God's love so beautifully.

Four boys who have taught me more about love and life in the past four years than I had in the previous 25. Who love me unconditionally and continue to show me glimpses of what it means to have faith like a child.

Family who loves us and cares for us eventhough they often don't know how to say it or show it.

A church family who has provided for our every need from the great to the small. Who loves us and shows us how to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

I have so very much to be thankful for. So this day has been one full of emotion full of tears and full of joy, but I would have it no other way because I know God is molding me the way He needs me to be to be able to fully use me for His purpose and I am honored and forever grateful to serve a God who knows my every hurt, holds my every tear in the palm of His mighty hand and holds me up when I can no longer stand.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers today! I could literally feel them all day long. I truly felt that Jesus was providing me with a peace today that surpasses all understanding! I am truly grateful!

"Be strong, He has not failed you
In all the past,
And will He go and leave you
to sink at last?
NO, He said He will hide you
beneath His wing;
And sweetly there in safety
You then may sing." - From Streams in the Desert

I am certainly singing tonight as I praise Him for all He is and has done.


Trisha said...

I prayed for you today, Kristy. I thought of you...and prayed. God bless you friend. Your day sounded beautiful...what a beautiful gift the boys and your husband put dear. Absolutely gorgeous!
God bless you....

Trisha Jurgemeyer

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing all of your thoughts. Through the power of God they change lives. You do have an amazing family, and Howard did such a great job of showing his love for you and the boys in a totally cool way.