Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Good News!

I just got the March of Dimes newsletter in the mail. As far as individual totals go, my name is number five in Erie for the largest amount raised! That doesn't even include the 800.00 that Howard Raised! I can't wait to see our team total! Thank you to everyone who donated or walked or prayed it was such a success! I cannot wait to do it again next year!

Ben is still sleeping, my house is clean and I am showered and dressed! What started out to be a tough day has been pretty good. Luke is outside with his grandma watching a stump removal company remove a giant tree stump in their yard which means I have a few minutes to check email and read our book we are reading for small group, since it is tonight!

A few more things...

The little boy we sponsor from Kenya through Compassion International wrote us this week. He is in first grade and is doing well in school! He is ranked at the top of his class in EVERY subject! We are so proud of him! He is an amazing little guy who is teaching our family so much! His name is George and he is so on fire about God! We would love it if you would join us in prayer for him. He and his family continue to do well!

I am speaking at a women's retreat this Saturday about encouragement. As I have been trying to prepare what I am going to say I have come to realize that in the encouragement department, my cup runneth over! I have less than twenty minutes to speak and in twenty minutes there is no way I could even begin to describe the love we have felt from family, friends and even complete strangers! I am so thankful for all of the support we have received. I thank God for always bringing just the right people to us at just the right time. I thank all of you for being his hands and feet and helping us along this sometimes treacherous journey!

And finally, Monday is our seventh wedding anniversary! We have had a friend offer to watch our boys overnight this weekend so we could have a little alone time. I am so thankful to have such great friends! Thanks Tiffany and Ryan! So anyhow this is all kind of last minute and I need some ideas...first we need to find something inexpensive and fun to do and secondly I need gift ideas! We usually do the traditional gift for each anniversary and this year it is wool or copper! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! So I welcome any ideas you might have! I have gone to World Vision and am thinking of buying a sheep for a family in a third world country, which I know Howard would LOVE! It is wool and he always says he doesn't need anything, which he doesn't. But I would like to give him just something little and special for please flood me with your creative ideas!


Sheryl said...

7 years? Amazing all you have been through in just 7 years of marriage. Wool and copper, huh? How very romantic!! I was getting ready to say something inappropriate about wearing a little somthin' made of wool, but this isn't the place!! Or you could buy him a copper bottom pan. Okay, no really, could you buy him a cross or picture frame or something made of copper? Ya know what, I'll let everyone come up with ideas. Happy Anniversary, Kristy. Enjoy your alone time.

Anonymous said...

There are some interesting ideas here.

Corie said...

Happy 7th anniversary. Enjoy your night together. Praying for your talk. You are encouraging whatever you say. You have walked a sometimes dark road and yet you can see God in the midst of it. That is encouraging

Anonymous said...

Hi I know a grat idea! Last weekend Pete & I celebrated our 12th annv. We went to the Riverside Inn in Cambridge Springs. Try or call 1-800-964-5173. We spent one night, dinner and a free breakfast buffet the next morning for about $120.00. The rooms are nice. If you like history and really good food this is a great place to go. We walked around on the grounds before and after dinner.Give it a try. But stay away from the salmon though. :-)
It was great visiting with you at MOPS. Amy K.

Tiffany said...

From your very first entry to this one I am hooked!! I will keep your beautiful family in my prayers. I feel like from reading all the entries that I have gotten to know a little bit about your family and I love and adore each of you!! You have helped me to see what my sister-in-law is going through and I just can't thank you enough!! I don't know how your husband feels about receiving sentimental things for himself but, how about instead of doing the traditional thing making like a little photo album/scrapbook of your times together from when you first started dating until now. Or even writing him a poem or printing one of your favorite pictures out of the 2 of you and putting it in a frame! Just some ideas. I am not a traditional person and my hubby and I have only been married 2 years and 3 months so, I'm still learning!! But, I hope that helps!!!


Anonymous said...

Just checking in, as I have been for months now, to let you know I am still thinking about you and your family. Praying you have a very special weekend as you celebrate 7 years together. Happy Anniversary!

Kirst said...

Happy 7 year Anniversary!
I think the sheep idea is a great one. Hope you have a relaxing weekend and find something great for you and your hubby to enjoy.

Katy said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating. I don't have any great ideas about the gift, but was thinking that if he says he doesn't need anything, you should write a poem or make a photo book of memories for him about the two of you. You have a talent for writing, as I have noticed from your blog. I don't know if you have time for this..but if not the sheep is an awesome idea too. Does it have to be related to wool and copper? I'm afraid I am out of the loop on that tradition- I'm not married. Also, glad Ben's arm is feeling better. this seems to be the week that everyone's kiddos are getting shots! Yuck! =( In Creole, they are called pikis... (I'm adopting from Haiti!)

Melissa Dovel said...

Happy anniversary,
Happy anniversary,
Happy anniversary,
Happpppy anniversary!

PTL! For 7 years with someone you love so much and whom loves you. This is the most priceless gift that the Lord gives. Not sure on the gift ideas:) I can talk cheap ideas though! Night one go get everything you need for the weekend lock the doors turn off the phones (tell whom ever is keeping the kids only come knocking in case of emergency.) Then pretend like your newlyweds! Just a thought I would love a weekend with just the hubby and I (only rules no kid talk). Blessings and prayer for you and PTL for 7 years!


Anonymous said...

My dad once made me a windchime out of different sized pieces of copper piping. You could put them all together with wool I guess!!! The sheep is a great idea though.