Thursday, May 8, 2008

Inquisitive, Insightful,Sweet Luke

Here is our conversation at lunch yesterday:

Luke: Mom, do you grow once you go to Heaven?

Mom: I am not sure Luke, what do you think?

Luke: I don't know either, will Asher and Isaac still be babies when we see them or will they grow?

Mom: I am sorry buddy, I don't know.

Luke: Well, how will we know it is them?

Mom: The Bible says we will, so I guess we just will, I don't really know how.

Luke: Well, if we do keep growing how old are Isaac and Asher in Heaven?

Mom: Isaac will be three this summer and Asher would be only two months, he would still be a tiny baby.

Luke: Oh, yeah Asher was just born so he would actually be zero.

Mom: Right.

Luke: What do you think they are doing in Heaven?

Mom: I don't know, what do you think they might be doing?

Luke: Playing

Mom: I suppose you are probably right.

Luke: I bet God is fun to play with!

Mom: I am sure He is!

Luke can be so is good to know he is thinking of his brothers!


Laurie in Ca. said...

Through the mouths of babes! Luke is Gods little spokesperson here on earth. What a sweet and honest conversation with questions I have asked myself many times. I have come up with the same answers as you have.
I just know that I know that God can be trusted to keep His word that when our time comes He will show us what we long to see and know. I love you Kristy and am praying you through this time. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) said...

What a sweet, wonderful conversation. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Christa said...

oh sweet!!!!! :*)

Anonymous said...


Your story reminded me of one my friend related to me the other day. Her mother had recently died and her four year old had only known for a couple of days. Her is the story from my friend's point of view:

Annie was looking out the glass door of our bedroom this morning into the backyard. I was doing something in the closet, with my back to her. Annie says to me, “Mom, I can see God”. I said, “You can? Where is he?”. “He’s in our backyard”, she said. I smiled and asked the leading question, “Is anyone with him?” (I was sure she would say “Oma” now that she knows she has passed). Annie answers, “Yes. Moses is with him”. “Really?”, I say, “What are they doing?”. “They are playing hopscotch on the shed roof.”

At that, I turned around and took a step toward the window. The moment before I got there she said, “They just disappeared.”

Perhaps today, God is playing hopscotch with Asher and Isaac!

Lisa in NC

Lisa said...

You handle those discussions so beautifully, Kristy! You reinforce the important stuff, you let him tell you what he is thinking is such a perfect way. You ARE the perfect mom for your boys.

Luke is such a sweet boy!

Melissa Dovel said...

How AWESOME! I have to laugh a little cause we had Maddy in play therapy for a while and thats how they always wanted us to respond was in the form of a question. Well done mommy! I think had you tried to impart any wisdom or thoughts of your own it would have clouded his precious and probably very true thoughts. I would like to say to Luke that no matter what a brother will always NO MATTER WHAT know his own brother:) Some sweet day that reunion WILL come! PTL!!!

With Love and prayer,

Corie said...

These are some of the best conversations. Amazing how God can use our children here on earth to encourage us about their siblings. The faith of a child. I wish I had more!!! By the way...I love the name Luke!!!

Hilary said...

I love the truthfulness and thoughtfulness that children put into their words. They aren't afraid to ask questions, to think out loud, to bless others without realizing it. It sure is a blessing to us parents when we hear them. I am sure you were SO blessed when Luke showed such interest, love and concern about Isaac and Asher. He's not afraid to share it! Bless his little heart for having such a BIG heart for his brothers!

Cathy said...

What trust and faith your instill in your children. Obviously, God is their rock. I love the innocense of children.
Cathy & Annabel

Katy said...

Oh, wow, that is one neat little boy. He has a very special heart, I can tell...what love. I am a therapist for children, by the way, and it definitely sounds like he is on a journey of positive healing from grief.

Steve+Marie Douglas said...

WOW!!! i am so thankful that you share with us :) I needed to hear those words - "GOD MUST BE FUN TO PLAY WITH" Hmmm so moving! the presence of God Almighty - where else would we rather be than having fun with GOD :) I'm sure our boys will agree with Luke that GOD IS FUN!!!! We tell Josiah that the pictures of your boys and Joshua & Eva are Elijah' friends and he always comes up to the computer to kiss "Lijah's Friends"