Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Daddy's Prayer (Re-Post)

I just really wanted to repost this today because I think that though sometimes I wonder what is going on in Howard's head that he is grieving the loss of his son too, he just shows it very differently. This prayer that he wrote reminds me of that.

Father God,
I thank you for tears.
I’ve come to understand that they too are a gift.
Though at first it appears they come from pain and fear,
You have shown me the real source is love and care.
They truly are an outpouring of Your love.
I am blessed to have friends and familywilling to cry and show their love with tears.
I am no longer saddened,but comforted to have known love in this way.
Love that certainly comes from You,
but also comes through those You have placed in my life.
For that I am grateful, amazed and HAPPY.
May You bless each individual who has shared their tears,
and may they feel as cared for and loved in their time of need as I have.


Laurie in Ca. said...


Thank you for posting this beautiful prayer from Howard's heart. It is so true that men grieve so differently than we do, but it is just as deep in their hearts. I believe that God made them this way for balance with us. There is great purpose in this balance. My prayers continue for you as you work together to get through this difficult time. I love you guys and you have taught me so much by sharing your beautiful boys with us. All four of them are treasures. May joy be yours today and in the days ahead.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kristy,
I wanted to thank you for shareing about Asher today @ MOPS. I am glad that you share all that you did today. I am so thankful that you and Howard have those wonderful pictures of Asher and your family & friends. Please try to remember everyday that there are so many people ( I am one of them) praying for you and other mothers like you everyday.
I can not take away your pain, but I can believe in YOU.
Goodnight and God bless, Amy K.