Friday, May 16, 2008

Completely RANDOM...

Tonight I got to go grocery shopping alone for an entire hour. I had to get Luke some Benadryl and calamine lotion. (If his rash isn't better at least a little by tomorrow we are heading in to urgicare)

Anyhow, I am a huge SUCKER for gimmicky foods so when I saw the mysterious black Dorito QUEST bag I was completely intrigued. (We LOVED last year's cheeseburger Dorito mystery flavor) I brought them home and Howard and I tried them. The smell of lime overwhelmed me when I opened the bag and as we tasted them we were quite confident the flavor was margarita. They are very citrusy and salty yet strangely quite good. I got online to figure out the flavor and guess what???? MOUNTAIN DEW! Mountain Dew flavored Doritos! Crazy!

Ok, that was my pointless musing for the day...Howard and I are going to go watch a movie together...Have a great night!

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