Thursday, May 8, 2008


Ok, this is kind of off the topic of the blog, but we have decided for our summer vacation this year we will be sharing a beach house on the Jersey or Delaware shore with two other couples. We are very excited as this will be an inexpensive, relaxing and much needed vacation. (Howard assures me this is the patriotic thing to do with our tax rebate as paying off bills will not stimulate the economy)

As I have stated before I am somewhat worried about Howard as he has yet to really cry or come to terms with the events that have unfolded in the past few months. He talks about it a bit but says he still feels like life is going in such fast forward that we just cannot seem to breathe. He thinks that the Disney vacation was great because it allowed us to have lots of FUN as a family but we need to do some relaxing and reflecting. So we are going to do it on a warm sunny beach among great friends and stimulate the economy with our rebate check. :-)

Anyhow, we have never done this before. I have been searching and searching and searching and searching and searching (you get the idea) for houses. We need to keep it affordable and we think the most important thing is probably proximity to the beach. I think I have it narrowed to two houses. One is in Bethany Beach Delaware it has a pool, hot tub, pool table and is very affordable as we are going in mid June before "peak season", the rate practically doubles the next week. But, it doesn't have GREAT views from the balcony and it is across a main road and about 2 blocks from the beach.

The second house is in North Wildwood NJ. It is RIGHT on the beach. It is a little smaller, no pool, hot tub or fancy stuff like that, but the views are BREATHTAKING (at least in the pictures) and it is steps from the beach.

We have taken a vote among the six adults going and the men all vote for the pool table and pool and the women for the views and closeness to the beach knowing what it is like to tote little ones to the beach.

I guess what I am asking is that if you have vacationed in one of these places, would you recommend them and do you have advice? We are so excited but want to be sure we make the right decision.


Chrissy said...

Well, I've never been to either not advice for ya...but...I wana go too!!! I vote for the pool, hot tub and pool table. Sorry girls. The view sound great but I just think of the kids and the beach and think the pool would be really nice to have available. And the hot tub too. Just my opinion though!

sumi said...

How long will you be there? If it is for a weekend I would make it a 'beach' vacation and make the most of being right on the beach.

If it is for a longer time you could have the best of both worlds - the beach not too far, and the pool and pool table etc the rest of the time.

You know I have to be thinking about this, so I will ask : How safe is the pool area?

Anonymous said...

I live on the Outer Banks and always thought it was crazy to rent a house with a pool. Aren't you there for the beach? But now that we live here full time and have the pool, I wouldn't want to be without it. With little kids, it is nice to have clean water, a refrigerator nearby, a potty, and the ability to get away from the waves and sand for a little bit. The beach is great, don't get me wrong, but I can only take it but for so long each day.

Lisa in NC

Anonymous said...

I can't comment on those places exactly, but when we were at OBX a couple of years ago, we were about two blocks from the shore and it was not problematic, even with 5 kids in the mix. No matter which spot you land, though, how great! Trying not to envy.... :-)

The VW's said...

Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be fun! You guys definately deserve it!!! I would probably go for the house with a pool if it were me. I agree with the comment made about having a potty and clean water nearby! Not to mention a bed for tired-out little ones! Like I said, I'm sure either one would be great though! Have fun!!!

Robyn said...

I have actually been to both, and they each have benefits and drawbacks. The one big comarison I would make is boardwalks - Wildwood has a very very active one - its one of the things it is known for. Bethany Beach's boardwalk is very quiet. There are active boardwalks north in Rehoboth or South in Ocean City MD, but Bethany itself is more family oriented. While I have had friends vacation in Wildwood with their families, I associate it more with singles, teenagers, and nightlife. Bethany I associate with relaxation and families. Hope this helps!