Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Chasing my tail!

Yes, this is a tent and yes it is in the living room!

Do you ever have a day where you feel like you are running in circles frantically chasing your tail. For me today is proving to be one of those days. I woke up this morning and had that Asher's second month birthday cloud hanging over so I decided I was going to get outside and work in my flower beds because I found a rosebush at Heirloom Roses that I want to order for Asher (it is called Happy Child), but I need to get a spot ready for it so I figured since it is a beautiful day I would get out and do that.
I fed the children breakfast and got them dressed (which is one of Ben's least favorite things to do these days) and I sent them to the back yard while I threw in a load of laundry and got dressed myself. (I did this yesterday too so I figured it was a good idea) When I walked out the back door my heart sunk when I saw my boys soaked in rusty water and mud. I had just thrown in my last load of laundry and taken 20 minutes to dress them!
AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Apparently last night Howard moved the basement drainage pipe and now instead of draining way back at the edge of the yard, it is draining right next to the sandbox! The water that comes from that pipe is yucky and orange! So now I had two wet muddy boys and a load of rusty laundry.

I took a deep breath and let them splash for another minute since the damage was done and then brought them in, stripped them down and now we are watching Sesame Street and eating Cheez Its. Plan B! I have given up on outside just for the moment, we have a tent in the living room right now...I suppose that is close enough! We will try again after lunch and a nap! I should have taken a picture but I had no sense of humor at the time! :-)


Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about chasing your tail. I've spent all day today chasing mine... it's been crazy.

(How often can you say this?!) We have drainage issues, too! we've spent two years now with a DIY project - renovating a barn into a loft apartment (we live in rural Alabama btw, haha). We moved in the weekend before Christmas, even though we still weren't quite finished. I mean, we'll never be totally finished, but... you know...

Anyway, we have the washer set up to drain out into a field by our barnhouse, instead of into the septic tank (which is what I'm thinking you've done...?), but something wasn't done right and the "grey water" is pooling up next to the barn. My husband tried to move some dirt to see if that would help, but no... I think it will make him feel better to know that somebody else is dealing with sort of the same thing.

But the living room is the perfect place for a tent... the only place that would be better is the ballroom. (I saw The Royal Tennenbaums for the first time ever this weekend... if you haven't seen it, you won't get that.)

Sorry for the book-length comment... haha

siscaboo said...

I have been having one of those days too.

On the 17th of May it will have been 1 year since Johnathan went home and I have been snappy crazy, trying not to be mean. And sad and depressed.

When my 3 older girls were little we had a tent in our living room constantly, it was never taken down. They loved it and it would be so many things a store, a play house, a kitchen. They were so creative you never knew what it was going to be from one day to the next.

Plan B sounds great to me.