Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Daddy's Prayer

This is a prayer written by Howard for the program for Asher's service:

Father God,
I thank you for tears.
I’ve come to understand that they too are a gift.
Though at first it appears they come from pain and fear,
You have shown me the real source is love and care.
They truly are an outpouring of Your love.
I am blessed to have friends and family
willing to cry and show their love with tears.
I am no longer saddened,
but comforted to have known love in this way.
Love that certainly comes from You,
but also comes through those You have placed in my life.
For that I am grateful, amazed and HAPPY.
May You bless each individual who has shared their tears,
and may they feel as cared for and loved in their time of need
as I have.


Jessica said...


Laurie said...

Tender and beautiful words written from a daddy's heart. Be blessed to overflowing today.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Vicki said...

Kristy, I stumbled upon your site yesterday and spent most of my day and evening reading through your entire blog.

First of all, all four of your boys are so handsome and truly blessings.

I cannot begin to comprehend the depth of your pain and loss. But what I did get from your words is an incredible sense of strength and faith. I have been touched deeply by your experiences.

You are an immensely strong woman. You may not feel like it at times, but you are. And God is truly with you though it all.

My life is forever changed and blessed by "knowing" you and your family.

Thank for sharing your children with us.

Vicki in IL

The Pittsburgh Hites said...

I've not gotten a chance to read since Monday, and am glad that you are healing, even though more slowly than you should.
When i read your blog Monday that you were having a rough day, Maggie and I stopped and said a special prayer for you and the boys.
Isn't it amazing that God's still telling you to Be Still, even now. There must be more to hear, so slow down(just a bit) and let him open you to it. You have done so much to help other families already, but there must be something else he is trying to show you...
I'm glad that you and Howard got to have a lunch together and that he was home to help you with the boys yesterday. Isn't it amazing just how our bodies relax and calm when our husbands walk through that door?
Before I forget, Maggie had a playdate today with her friend Sophia, and when we were in the living room, she looked up at our mantel(where our picture of Asher has sat since the memorial) and she asked Maggie who that beautiful baby was. Maggie told her "That's Baby Happy(he will always be Happy to her)he's an Angel baby". Without blinking an eye, Sophia responded with "if he's an angel than he's with God" And that was it. I love that our babies know God and have that unbreakable trust in him. The whole exchange made me smile, and just thinking about it is actually making me tear up a little. What a wonderful world we would live in if everyone had the unshakable faith of a four year old!
We're thinking of you, all of you!
Love, Ginger

Nicole A. said...

That's just beautiful! I feel blessed for sharing my tears (even if only at my own computer) and for knowing "Happy" through your blog. Thank you for sharing his life and now continued life with God, with all of us.

Still praying...

Take care, Nicole