Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Evie's Birthday Party

Saturday we went to our friend Evie's 5th Birthday Party at Super Suppers. We had lots of fun! Thanks for inviting us Evie! The kids decorated chef hats, cupcakes, and made braided pepperoni bread. It was great!
You can see Ben always makes his own fun!

Luke making YUMMY Pepperoni Bread

Leave it to Luke to become SUPER CHEF! The only boy at the party...he made his apron into a super hero cape!

This is the Birthday Girl! Happy 5th Birthday Evie

Such a cute little chef!


Lisa said...

How Fun! Thanks for posting these! I have showed Super Chef Luke's pictures to a few people and they all have just cracked up at the boy-ness of the apron/cape.

and a friend of mine has a little boy with very red hair also & she just wanted to scoop up Ben!

(Evie's mom!)

Suzie said...

what a great idea for a party. I have never heard of this. the pics are so cute. I like Ben being under the table. He looks like he is such a ham. LOL The pictures gave me a smile. thanks!

Trisha said...

Dearest Kristy...

I love the pics! Power Zone looks like a blast...I can tell the kids really enjoyed it!

Hoping today has brought you some peace...Praying for you and admiring you every step of the way!

God Bless,