Monday, April 28, 2008

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March For Babies
Thousands took part in the annual march of dimes, walk for babies Sunday, in an effort to help fight premature birth. For some, it's a way to give back to the community. But for many participants, like Stephanie Moryc, the purpose behind the March for Babies hits close to home. Her four year old son Rylan was born 6 weeks premature. “I'm very lucky, he almost didn't make it the first night and um there are other babies that are in there for months, and he was only in there for a few weeks and it was the hardest thing I ever had to go through.” – Stephanie MorycEvery year Stephanie, Rylan, and her one year old son Wesley take part in the March for Babies. And every year they are accompanied by Stephanie’s mother. “This is my way of showing my appreciation. With out them he would not be here and I would not have my son.” –Stephanie Moryc

But for some like Kristy Bolte and the rest of team Isaac and Asher, they walk for a different reason. They walk in memory of the two sons Kristy lost to birth defects.“I think people take for granted the fact that not everybody gets pregnant and has a healthy baby. and the reality is there are many, many, many babies that are born with birth defects, born premature every single year and the March of Dimes is working to lower those numbers.”-Kristy Bolte


Anonymous said...

I'm just thinking of you today. Yesterday was a euphoric day, both weather wise (who can argue with warm temperatures, sunshine and a beautiful walk along Presque Isle?), and a very heartfelt day. Emily wasn't going to walk but when she found out that Luke was walking, wild horses wouldn't have kept her away!! And as we walked, we made sure that our kids knew why we were there...we talked about you and Howard and all of your boys. Emmie wanted to know about the t-shirt and we talked about that too. I just wanted you to know how much that affected our family and how, even today, we are still riding the wave of yesterday. I hope that you didn't come crashing down last night or today. Just know how much you guys are loved and cared for.


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Im so glad to know you. March of dimes is such a great thing. i pray one day all babies will be born healthy!!!!!! I know we were blessed in our NICU stay!

Jane-Jane said...

Yes, to many people do take for granted a healthy, uneventful pregnancy and delivery. Praise God for the March of Dimes!!!

Katy said...

Praise God that you had such an uplifting day honoring your precious boys, and that so many walked in your honor..

Kirst said...

I'm not sure which post to comment on but I have a prayer request. Very good friends of ours found out today that there 6 year old has kidney cancer. Please pray for them.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, I need to ask you to please pray our friends, Byran & Regina. Thier daughter was born at 24 weeks on saturday night by c-section. Regina's water broke at 20 weeks and she had been in bed rest in the hospital since then. They lost thier son at 17 weeks last May. Please lift this family up in prayer. Faith has a chance. The doctors say that each day there will be a new challenge. Thank you, Amy K.