Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's PowerZone Weekend!

This weekend is a very special weekend at our church. It is a weekend where the kids take over the "big church". It is such a fun weekend and is usually very well attended. We teach a kid's lesson and show how the PowerZone (our children's ministry) works. The kids lead worship and it is such a great experience. Luke gets to sing on stage this year and I am so excited to see him! I am also teaching the small group portion of the lesson and am very much looking forward to showing everyone what we do in children's ministry. Children's ministry is a passion of mine. I am so overwhelmed when I see little kids worshipping our God with their entire beings. They have no reservations. If you are in the area and have some time this weekend, I encourage you to check it out! If for nothing else to see Luke play "air guitar"!

McLane Church
Edinboro PA

Saturday 6 pm
Sunday 9 am and 11 am

for more info go to

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