Saturday, April 26, 2008

PLEASE read this!

Today I was browsing other people's blogs and came upon one that said exactly all of the things I have been trying to say but haven't yet. I can't say it as well as she does so here is the link to read her posts...they are all so true and so honest and will help you know how to help someone who is grieving.


thepipers said...

Hey Kristy,

Thanks for reading and commenting on my post. I am so sorry to hear of Isaac & Asher's passing, but thankful that they're in the arms of Jesus.

I grew up in Erie. I lived there until 7 years ago, when I moved to Minneapolis.

Another weird coincidence--did you call Asher "Happy" in the womb? That's what we nicknamed our first son when I was pregnant.

Anyway, thanks for your encouragement and I pray the Lord is meeting you on this long, hard road. I'm sorry you're traveling it for the second time.

sumi said...

I love that series! I think every one who knows someone who is grieving should read it. I was even able to use it to explain some things to hubby that I was feeling, but couldn't find the words for.

Laurie said...


This was a great find and thank you for linking it in your post. It is so helpful to know these things for me. I hope your weekend is a peaceful and restful one for you and the boys. Praying for you and checking in every day sweet friend.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Trisha said...

Hello dear friend...Thank you for posting the Pipers' link. I think her series is very well-thought-out and helpful to all who have friends or loved ones who are grieving. Again...thank you.

Did you have your walk today? If so, how did it go? We had ours...thought of you, Asher, Isaac..Emily and Miller Grace. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of have added to my life in a way that you'll never know. God bless you, Kristy. I admire you...Thank you for being you.


Steve & Marie Douglas said...