Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Team Isaac and Asher

We are so honored to take part in an event that is working to make sure that one day ALL babies will be born healthy. We are excited that Isaac and Asher are inspiring all of us to do such great things for others!

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Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

What a team you had come together in honor of your little ones.
I love the pictures of your boys. they are precious, and perfect!

Steve & Marie Douglas said...

WOW!! PRAISE THE LORD YOU HAD SO MANY THIER TO HONOR THE LIVES OF YOUR BOY'S!!! AND HELP OTHERS IN NEED!! I'll have to get with you on how to do the same in honor of Elijah, when the time comes :)

Laura said...

WOW....what a group. So thankful for those who have not forgotten. I know each one of them loves you so much.

Kim ( said...

Great Job Kristy. What an awesome group you have.
I know your Heavenly boys are so proud of you and how you are honoring them. I know your earthly boys will grow up with a proudness of how you are choosing to handle these trials. You are such a beautiful example of faithfulness. I love the pictures of your angels - they are gorgeous little fellows. I am sorry for your hurt and will continue to pray for you.
With love,

Megan said...

Oh Kristy, congratulations to you and all of your teammates for being a part of such an awesome event. What a perfect tribute to your boys!

Yvette said...


Good morning! I have to copy what everyone else above is saying....WOW! That is a big group of people. I know this had to make your heart just soar, knowing they were there to support YOU and to honor your 2 little boys, what a day it must have been. I love the t-shirts too, I have definitely see why you won. Praying for you and your family daily. I know at times it might seem as though it's trial after trial but I believe the Lord is going to use each one of us to lead people to Him. From one "Sister in Christ" to another, thank you for your faithfulness and obedience to Him in the midst of your heartache.

Love, Yvette