Thursday, April 24, 2008

Join Team Isaac and Asher this weekend!

We are so excited for this year's March for Babies! Our team has grown and we have been able to raise quite a bit of money for the March of Dimes to help save babies from prematurity and birth defects. If you can, please join us or donate to our team by clicking on the link at the side of the page for the March for Babies. If you can't walk or donate we would really appreciate your prayers for our walk and our team! We are in Erie PA so weather here is always a gamble especially since we are walking along the lake.

Remember if you are walking with us...Tailgating will begin at 11 in the parking lot of Rainbow Gardens, so bring a snack to share and come join the fun, we will pass out t-shirts then. (if you are worried about missing church you are welcome to join us at the Saturday evening service at our church. 6 pm McLane Church Edinboro, PA) Look for our maroon truck with blue and yellow balloons. We should be easy to see. We do understand many people have Sunday obligations and commitments. We ask that you please try to be there by 12:40. We have a team picture scheduled for 12:45 at the entrance to Rainbow Gardens and we would like everyone to be there as this is an important picture for our boys' baby books. The walk begins at 1:00 and it is 6.2 miles! Hope you have been training! When you return to Rainbow Gardens there will be lunch ready and waiting!

Here are a couple of pictures of those amazing boys we are walking in honor of! It is our greatest joy to try to give to others as we have been given so much as these pictures clearly show! We are two proud parents that is for sure!
Isaac Matthew Bolte
July 14-July 20, 2005

Asher Joseph Bolte

February 22, 2008

WOW! You surely can tell they are brothers!


Anonymous said...

We so wanted to walk with you for those beautiful baby boys but won't be able be there.
Our prayers and hearts will be with you and all those walking.
Go Team Isaac and Asher!
You are loved.

Melissa said...

Wow. They could be twins!
What is that on Isaac's hand? It looks like a burn.
Go Team Isaac & Asher!
We live far away, or we would be there!

Margarete said...

Wow! They could be twins! Beautiful.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

they are so precious!!! Definately look like brothers!
Wish I lived closer so I could walk, maybe I will go on a walk Sunday in honor of Isaac and Asher.

Pauline said...

WOW they do look a lot alike ...
Keep walking ...


Laurie said...

Everybody else stole the words right out of my mouth, they could be twins.
How precious are those two boys?? I will be praying for your walk to be a great one and for wonderful weather.
I love you Kristy and you honor all 4 of your boys each day!!

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Megan said...

Good luck this weekend, I know it will be a great event for you, your boys, and everyone involved. We'll be thinking of you from Idaho on Sunday!