Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Power Zone Weekend

As I explained before, PowerZone is the name of the children's ministry at our church. One weekend each year the kids get to take over the "big church" and show how they learn about God and worship Him. It was so much fun! We learned that "Jesus loves EVERYONE."

Luke is looking at a girl who we are sure is going to be the next Hannah Montana! How cute is she!? Here theyare singing "God, You are GREAT."
Luke telling the World!

Large Group Leaders Miss Christy and Mr. Dave trying to "spy" who Jesus loves.

Miss Kristy (yep, that is me) and Miss Julie playing a Ring Toss game for small group reinforcing that Jesus Loves EVERYONE!

Is there anything better than lots of kids praising God, singing Jesus Loves Me?


Suzie said...

So Adorable. It looks like everyone did a great job. Luke is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I love the tshirts!

Devin said...

I saw the very first dandelion of the season this morning....

Usually I groan when I see these 'weeds' start popping up in the yard, but when my oldest said, "Look Mom! A flower!" I just looked at it, thought of Asher (which then lead to thinking of so many other glory babies...) smiled, and said, "Yeah, Colin. A flower. Isn't it beautiful?"

I just wanted to let you know. :-)

Always praying,
Devin in Illinois