Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Such a blessing...

My sweet friend Chrissy sent these to me today and I cannot tell you what it meant that she was thinking of Asher on his two month birthday! They are perfect and have lifted my spirits tremendously today! They were taken at Eva's gravesite. Thanks Chrissy for knowing just what I needed and at just the right time! I love you!


Chrissy said...

I love you Kristy and all FOUR of your boys! And yes, I know...we never even met, YET! But we will someday and what fun we will have!

Laurie said...


This is beautiful and I am so glad to know it is what your heart needed today. You and Chrissy share a special bond of the heart and I pray for you both to get through these difficult days with the Lords peace and joy amidst the pain of it all. I love you girls.

Laurie in Ca.l

Yvette said...


I thought of you this morning when I looked at the calendar and realized it was the 22nd.

I saw these pictures on Chrissy's blog and could not wait for you to get them because I knew you would think this was absolutely precious!

Just like Chrissy said (above) we've never met but I hope we will all get together some day, I agree,it would be fun! I cherish the friendship we've developed via the Internet.

I hope you have a good day today, know I'm praying for you especially as this marks another month - I know what kind of emotions/memories hit us on days like this.

Love, Yvette

The Pittsburgh Hites said...

I've been thinking of you today, so i just wanted to stop and say hi. We were out early this morning for our last sonogram(i think) and all our doctor appointments. I love what Chrissy did for the picture, it's beautiful.
While out walking the dog yesterday i took the camera to take pictures of everything already in bloom down here, and right along with all my other flowers i shot yards of dandelions. LOL, you should have seen the looks on peoples faces driving by when i got down to shoot this one yard that was full of dandelions.
Isn't it amazing how your view on what's beautiful changes once your heart is impacted by something that was amzing as Asher's birth was? I hope that makes sense, it did in my head, you know what i mean!
Good luck with the boys, that sounds like one messy situation. And don't feel bad about the tent, Maggie's is up(for what seems like for good) up on the third floor! I'm glad to hear that Luke is so excited about school. It was a hard decision to make, whether to send her this year or keep her back another year. She's ready and won't stop talking about kindergarten though, so off she's going to go! And yes, full day. That's a frightening thought, but I guess i'll have to adjust!
Good luck this afternoon in the garden, it's a beautiful day for it. Maggie has dance AND her first T-ball game tonight so I better go make sure she's napping. I'll be thinking of you this afternoon and tonight, thinking of Asher and remembering the day of his birth. What a beautiful yet sad day it was.
All our love and prayers today!

asplashofsunshine said...

So sweet! Happy 2 month birthday Happy Asher! It is fascinating to me that I have virtually zero connections to anything you are going through right now, but somehow I find myself understanding in a small way. Maybe it is just a mommy connection.

I wanted to refer you to another blog that i read. The blog is a mommy writing about her almost 2 year old quads. On April 18, the entry is titled "Flower Children" and there are photos of all four children picking dandelions. I immediately thought of adorable Asher. Check it out... www.mcnultyquads.blogspot.com

sumi said...

What a sweet friend you have. Hugs and prayers for today.

Erin said...

How beautiful and sweet! We have a lot of dandelions in our backyard right now, mostly because we need to mow, but everytime I see them it makes me think of Asher. Also, I meant to comment on the beautiful necklace that your friend gave you. What a wonderful gift. I thought it was interesting that 2 of your boys share the same birthdays as me and my sister. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayer and remembering your Isaac, my Isaac and Asher always.

Devin said...

Now THAT was a really sweet thing to do, and a really great picture!

(Kristy...you should have Chrissy email you that pic, and then blow it up big and frame it! :-) You could do cool photoshop things with it too (or have someone do it for you) like make everything in the pic black and white, with only the dandelions in bright yellow!)

The new header is really great too...

Thinking of you today.
Love and prayers,
Devin in Illinois

siscaboo said...

That was so cool of her to do that. I seen it on her blog earlier. It made me cry. She is so sweet.

Sheila said...

I loved this pic's on Chrissy's blog too, and I also love that Mya lists the names that her little sister plays with in heaven...I believe that is the way it is. You will get to be with Asher again one day...Love you Happy's Mom!
toodles, Sheila, NV

Suzie said...

What a sweet thing she did. I was doing yard work yesterday, and saw my first dandelion of the season, and instantly thought of Asher. Please know that I am thinking of you and also know that I think of Asher everyday, you never know, maybe Asher, Isaac and Cooper have met up and have become friends. :o) Hugs to ya!
love ya

Chrissy said...

LOL! Dominic just sat w/ me and looked at your page to see the ASHER in dandelions...he said "Aww, Eva and Asher are besties"...and Vinnie and I said, "HUH?" and he said "You, know...BFF's." Too Cute! Asher and Eva are Bff's! I love it!

Nicole A. said...

Awww... that's so sweet! What a beautiful picture! It's amazing how many "friends" you have out there that you have yet to meet someday. Thinking of you often!

Take care, Nicole