Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Prayer Requests:

First I must say thank you all for lifting me up and praying for us. I have been incredibly touched and comforted by the comments and emails I have received in the last 24 hours. Thank you all for being willing to share yourselves with me. I am so blessed!

On a side note, I have a few requests for today...

A friend of mine who lost her baby boy three months ago is undergoing surgery today due to some complications from his birth. Please remember her in prayer as she is still healing emotionally after an extremely traumatic birth and loss as well as dealing with the physical pain of what she is going through. Please pray for peace and healing for her both physically and emotionally.

Also, I seem to be having a complication of my own. Howard stayed home today and we will be going to the doctor at 1:00 to get me checked out. I seem to be still losing a good deal of blood and they want to check me out. It may be nothing but it is better to be safe than sorry. So if you could pray for my body to heal also that would be fantastic.

When I spoke to the nurse on the phone she asked if I was feeling tired or stressed since the birth of our baby (she didn't know that he died) and I said: well, our son died, so stressed and tired have become a normal part of my life...not sure if it has to do with blood loss or not. She got very quiet and said that it is likely from stress, but I should be seen to be sure. She was very kind but I know I threw her off. That is something that I really struggle with...I prefer just to be honest when people ask, but in our culture death is so taboo it makes everyone so uncomfortable and it is never my intention to make someone feel awkward.

I have to say just having Howard here today does my heart good. We lost power this morning and we were able to just sit in a quiet house with Ben and drink coffee, (that had been brewed automatically before the power went out, thank goodness for timers on coffee pots). I was planning on returning to MOPS today but I guess God had a different plan so I will trust it wasn't time yet.

Again, thank you all for continuing to lift us up in prayer. We need you now more than ever!


Melissa Dovel said...


Just read you last 2 posts. First off I will be in prayer for your dear friend for her health and for her heart. My family will also be praying for your visit to the doc. today. I pray that they find nothing wrong and that you simply need to quit your cleaning frenzy's for just a lil bit so that you can heal. I want to also comment on your post about your grieving- I know that people say that time heals and that alone can bring anger because to you and to all of us it says you will forget. I think you should look at it from a different perspective. I think you should look at it in terms of time will allow you to figure out who you are now. How you will respond to people who are hurting with the same experience. How you love your children. New values that will take place in your lives because you realize more than others how precious life is. I know that my mother lost her little brother at the age of 3 (hit by a car). My mom had rules that other moms did not seem to have for there children. I kid you not we got into more trouble for telling our siblings "meanie" or "i hate you". It simply was not tolerated. That value was one of many that I was raised with and it is one that carries on. My children and my brother and sisters kids are all having to deal with parents who have no tolerance for mean words towards each other. Half of your heart will always be in heaven right where it should be and the other half will be here for your family and friends where it should be. Time will not heal all but in time you will find the new beautiful you that can laugh, love, and talk about your entire family of 6. Your grief is not forgotten and most of the world me included wait for your cues on what it is you are needing at that time.

I pray you see many blessings in this day,
your friend

Jane-Jane said...

I will be praying for both of you. Recovery is not always easy.

Your comment about peoples reactions... I can soooo relate! I've been rather quiet, both in blog world and in real life, these past few months. People have started to notice. Got a call from an acquaintance the yesterday morning. Apparently God had her thinking about me Sunday evening so she wanted to call and make sure I was okay. She totally didn't know what to say when I said that I had been struggling. Why do people ask if they aren't ready for the truth!?! Or to do something to make a difference.

Thanks for being real. I'm still praying for you and your family.

Laurie said...


I will be praying for your friend to get through this time and I am praying for you too that all will be well. I love your honesty and please do not worry about offending others with it. You have taught me so much about how to encourage the grieving with your honesty in waiting for Happy. I have needed to learn how to be compassionate without putting my foot in my mouth. You just be honest sweetie and let us deal with it. I love you and think of you daily.

Laurie in Ca.

Nicole A. said...

Praying for you today, Kristy. I hope the doctor will confirm that it's only the stress you have been going through and nothing but that. I will say a prayer that the bleeding will taper off very soon and that your body will heal on the outside for once and for all. I know the inside will be hurting for some time. You are in my daily thoughts & prayers. Take good care!

Love, Nicole

boltefamily said...

I am not sure how to go about this...LV you said that you emailed me. I have read your comments today and am realizing that I never received that email! I would have remembered I am sure and I always email back! Please try again! I would love to chat!


Cindy Ring said...

Just wanted to let you know I have been thinking about and praying for you. I was glad to hear you were thinking of coming back to see us at MOPS and hope that your appointment went well. Glad you got a morning with your hubby to sit in the quiet and enjoy each other though! I am also glad that you still feel free to post your joys and sorrows on this blog. Even though some of us have no idea what you are truly going through, it is good to know how we can pray for you. May God continue to hold you tight and may you always feel strong enough to lean on Him even when it seems to make no sense.

Hope you have a blessed day,